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Week before last, I told you about a lawsuit brought by the state Attorneys General of Missouri and Louisiana against the Biden administration for colluding with Big Tech to censor free speech on COVID, the 2020 election, Hunter Biden’s laptop, and mail-in voting, among other things. 

The case is getting interesting because the judge is allowing the plaintiffs to proceed with discovery and because people who were censored – the Gateway Pundit and scientists and doctors who criticized the COVID lockdowns – have joined the suit. 

So keep your eye on that one, but understand the move to silence the political Right in this country is not confined to the Biden administration.  Every corner of the Left is jumping in.

A professional Gay Gestapo group called for more censorship of information from the Right on social media and said the platform companies should become pronoun police. 

A trans mafia group got a theater in Minneapolis to cancel a show by comedian Dave Chappelle whose jokes they didn’t like.   Twitter supports the trans mafia, suspending Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, and a dozen others for poking holes in the phony transgender narrative.  Heck, Twitter even canceled me for posting Tea Party information a few years ago. 

A Democrat Senate candidate in Iowa demanded a town mayor take down a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ flag outside somebody’s house.  This guy is a real authoritarian because, when he was a Vice Admiral in the Navy, he banned Fox News at meal time, and wouldn’t let his sailors watch it.

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A medical board threatened to decertify doctors for telling the truth about abortion; for example, how abortion is linked to breast cancer and infertility.   Congressional Democrats and the New York Attorney General asked Google to hide information about pro-life pregnancy centers in its search results. 

The Fairfax County school board in Virginia – professional left-wing activists all, and not a single parent among them – voted for mandatory speech guidelines and will now suspend any student as young as ten who misgenders another student or calls them by the name they had before they transitioned. 

College administrators are using ‘bias reporting systems’ to punish the free speech rights of conservative students on campus.  Under these systems, students are asked to inform on each other and report supposed incidents of bias regarding race, sexual orientation, and even ‘smoker status’ and ‘intellectual perspective’.  The threat to free speech is obvious even before you get to ‘intellectual perspective’.  Informing on your neighbor for saying ‘I don’t like the Democrats’ – are you kidding?  Inform – that’s what they do in communist countries.

California Democrats introduced a bill to strip nonprofit groups on the Right – but not the Left – of their tax-exempt status if a claim can be made the groups endorse ‘insurrection’ or engage in ‘conspiracies’.  Sounds like a roadmap for political persecution to me.  I think they should throw in “conspiracy to undermine national integrity” while they’re at it.  That’s the phony charge the Sandinista regime just used to put an opposition figure in prison for 10 years. 

NPR formed a ‘disinformation team’ which is rich because NPR covered up the Hunter Biden laptop story and claimed there was no evidence Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense, among other fits of disinformation of its own.  In a recent speech, Barack Obama called on social media to “detoxify our discourse, particularly the scourge of ‘disinformation’.”  You can dress that up any way you want, but it’s still censorship and thought control.

Controlling the information environment is a cult technique.  Preventing information from coming in from the outside and telling members only to rely on what the cult leaders tell you is a cult technique.   You don’t want people to think you belong to a cult, do you? 

Maybe you like belonging to a cult, but I’ll tell you this:  you’ll never shut me up until you pry this microphone out of my cold, dead fingers.  And there are many more just like me and we’re organized. Seventy-five of us grassroots writers and media hosts with sizeable platforms of our own have formed a group and you’ll never succeed in silencing us all.  If you start with me, I will sue you into oblivion and I have the trial experience to do it.

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