Gods Gallery, from The John 10:10 Project

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There’s no question that God is the supreme designer in the universe. His engineering prowess is routinely displayed everywhere we look. But sometimes lost in scientific studies of the water cycle’s efficiency, the skeletal system of a hummingbird, or the inconceivable power of the human brain is the fact that the Lord is also the foremost artist in all of creation…and His proficient use of color, texture, and shape overshadow the talents of any painter, illustrator or sculptor.

This month, we’re celebrating a specific masterpiece in the great gallery of the created order: the magnificent mural that covers the exterior of the planet we call home.

With the aid of photos taken by astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, and several unmanned satellites, we’ve produced a brief seven-minute exploration of the beauty and artistry displayed from vantage points 200 miles above the Earth. It’s a tour de force painted—not with oils or watercolors—but with mountain ranges, oceans, rivers, glaciers and clouds.

We hope you enjoy our newest John 10:10 Project video, God’s Gallery. Please share it with anyone who you think may need a jolt of wonder or a moment of thoughtful reflection upon the maker of heaven and Earth.

  The John 10:10 Project 

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