The Eyes of Totalitarianism

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It’s not your grandfather’s Democrat Party.

The iconic broadcaster, author, and legal scholar Mark Levin recently observed: “As a nation we’ve now turned the corner. We’ve turned the corner into a hard tyranny…. I just want the audience to know that we are staring into the face of tyranny, that the Democrat Party is a totalitarian party.”

And indeed, it is. To recognize this, we need only to listen when Democrats tell us – repeatedly – of their burning desire to “transform” the U.S. into a radicalized cesspool by such means as:

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  • ending the filibuster rule so they can forcibly ram their radical legislation through the Senate;
  • governing via presidential executive orders rather than navigating the normal legislative process;
  • promoting immigration and border policies designed to import massive blocs of foreigners who will eventually become reliable Democrat voters for generations to come;
  • turning the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico into new U.S. states, thereby allowing Democrats to permanently pack the Senate with four additional members of their party;
  • expanding the Supreme Court and packing it with newly appointed leftist ideologues;
  • openly defying that same Supreme Court whenever its rulings conflict with Democrat Party preferences;
  • forcibly censoring the free expression of any ideas that conflict with Democrat values; and
  • pursuing the impeachment and imprisonment of their political foes on the flimsiest pretexts imaginable.


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