The Family Foundation came up with this list of parental rights bills to watch and maybe contact your legislators.


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The Family Foundation came up with this list of parental rights bills to watch and maybe contact your legislators.

House Bills Supporting Parental Rights

  • Sexually Explicit Materials – Parental Notification and Review o HB786 (LaRock), HB1007 (Scott) and HB1009 (Durant) – Establishes an annual parental notification and review process of any instructional material or related academic activities that may include sexually explicit content. The bill also requires alternative instructional materials be provided. HB 786 includes definitions for “sexually explicit material” and “sexual misconduct.”
  • School Counseling Services – Parental Notification and Consent o HB1034 (Ransone) – Directs the Department of Education to develop guidelines for public schools that require written parental consent prior to a child receiving counseling services.
  • Family Life Education – Parental Permission o HB789 (LaRock) – Requires written parental permission before any student participates in a family life education program (i.e., Sex-Ed).
  • Library and Curriculum materials – Parental Review o HB 1032 (LaRock) – Establishes mandatory statewide standards for evaluating, classifying, and removing from any public elementary or secondary school library any explicit material, and establishes a Parental Review Committee to review, evaluate and approve library materials.
  • Parents Bill of Rights o HB1126 (Avoli) – Creates a Parents Bill of Rights that ensures parents have the right to review education materials and curriculum, the right to opt their child out of any teaching, prohibits divisive teaching like CRT, and prohibits policies that permit biological males to access female bathrooms and changing facilities.
  • Prohibit Divisive Concepts (“Critical Race Theory”) and Cultural Competency Training o HB787 (LaRock), HB 977 (McGuire), HB 1068 (Cordoza) – Prohibit any local school board from training any employee or teaching students concepts that any race is inherently superior or inferior to any other race, or any core tenets of Critical Race Theory.
  • VDOE Model “Transgender” Policies – Removes the Local Mandate o HB 998 (Wyatt) – removes the mandate that local schools boards adopt “model policies” for the treatment of transgender students created by VDOE, which is consistent with a recent Lynchburg circuit court ruling that held these polices are merely “guidance” and not a “regulation

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