The Media’s Flat Out Lies and the Canadian Truckers Story You Will Not Hear About

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Fellow Virginians, we urge you to listen to yesterday’s LIVE report. This is going to happen here in the US next month when truckers go to DC to peacefully protest our government’s violation of our Constitutional rights.  Support the God-fearing, peace loving Canadians who have had enough of Trudeau’s tyrannical policies where citizens can’t go to a restaurant, go to the gym or the other places of business without a vaccine passport.  The news media is smearing this peaceful demonstration of the “right to assemble” with flat out lies which are documented in “Viva on the Street” in real time, unedited walk about in downtown Ottawa yesterday.

Feb. 8 LIVE from Ottawa’s Freedom Convoy 2022 – Viva on the Street


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Ottawa Police Brutalize 78-Year-Old Man for Honking

Breitbart News

Ottawa police detained and brutalized a 78-year-old man identified as Gerry Charlebois on Monday for violating the ban imposed that day on honking car horns. Police appear in multiple videos twisting the elderly man’s arm around his back and shoving him into the side of a car.  See full post here



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