The Most Important Event in Our Lives


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We were given the wonderful gift of life but we are born with an inherited sinful nature passed on to us by our forefathers.

Continuing to live with this sinful nature can have devastating eternal consequences particularly at our death, unless we have a spiritual experience called ‘being born again’.

This spiritual event involves Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and what he did for us. We can answer God’s calling by repenting for the sins we have committed, acknowledge Him and ask by faith and trust that God will forgive us. He does this by pouring our sins into Jesus and in exchange God’s goodness is poured in to us, the born-again experience. God’s Holy Spirit now dwells in us, we are not our own, we belong to Him.

God has said if we confess our sins He is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

At death we come into heaven and have an eternal relationship with God. If we do not have this born-again experience at death we are eternally separated from God in Hell.

This is the plan that God, our Creator, has placed us in and calls us to according to the Holy Bible.

He has given us the responsibility to decide to accept the Lord Jesus or not- it is the most important decision in our lives. As an unknown poet said:

“The greatest miracle of all,

The sages taught of yore,

Is life itself. But search again:

The transformed life is more.”
Greene Hollowell

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Greene Hollowell
Z. Greene Hollowell was born and raised in Goldsboro, NC. He graduated from NC State College in Construction in 1953. His claim to fame is he is the most cursed at man in the City of Richmond- by pro-abortionist passers-by because of his over 25 years of protesting and sidewalk counseling at an abortion clinic. Greene has authored a booklet YOUR CHOICE- Obedience to the 21 st Century Secular Culture OR God’s Holy Bible. This develops the main 7 thrusts of Virginia Christian Alliance. um.