THE NATIONS BULLY, The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) strikes again


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THE NATIONS BULLY, The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) strikes again, this time against Pittsylvania County.

The ACLU has perfected the bully tactic to perfection by threatening municipalities and counties with law suits if they continue to open their meetings with prayer that mentions Jesus’ name. With the aid of liberal judges they make their point by causing the people to incur cost not only for legal defense, but also the ACLU’s legal prosecuting bill. Their intimidation, their bulling threats are sometimes enough to make the local officials capitulate because they hate to see money wasted in court actions.

Just what are the purposes and goals of the American Civil Liberties Union? A look at the pedigree of its founder, Roger Baldwin, is enough to give insight to its direction: He was an atheistic Unitarian, Bostonian and Harvard-educated socialist. He may have not been a card carrying member of the Communist Party but certainly a fellow traveler.

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The ACLU’s support and direction include: destruction of traditional marriage, support of abortion, infanticide of particularly handicap babies, euthanasia, adultery, fornication and homosexuality and all its perverted variations including protection of pedophiles and support of same sex marriages. What an organization!

Despite their support of every unseemly type of debauchery, their main targeted seems to be a hatred for Christianity. Their special target is the Lord Jesus because he represents the God of the Holy Bible. Their ridiculous and constant fight to have crosses removed because it is an “impermissible endorsement of Christianity” shows the warped mind set of these people.

Possibly the Nation has passed the point of returning to an acknowledgement of God of the Holy Bible and His Son. I hope not and I hope Pittsylvania will stand firm. Miracles can still happen

Greene Hollowell

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Z. Greene Hollowell was born and raised in Goldsboro, NC. He graduated from NC State College in Construction in 1953. His claim to fame is he is the most cursed at man in the City of Richmond- by pro-abortionist passers-by because of his over 25 years of protesting and sidewalk counseling at an abortion clinic. Greene has authored a booklet YOUR CHOICE- Obedience to the 21 st Century Secular Culture OR God’s Holy Bible. This develops the main 7 thrusts of Virginia Christian Alliance. um.