Trump Indictment in Georgia – Now What?

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On Monday, a grand jury situated in Atlanta issued indictments against former President Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants. The charges on the state level are a result of their actions aimed at overturning the 2020 election defeat of the former president in Georgia.

Charges Against Trump:

  • *Violation of the Georgia RICO Act
  • *Solicitation of violation of oath by public officer
  • *Conspiracy to commit impersonating a public officer
  • *Conspiracy to commit forgery in the first degree
  • *Conspiracy to commit false statements and writings
  • *Conspiracy to commit filing false documents
  • *Conspiracy to commit forgery in the first degree
  • *Conspiracy to commit false statements and writings
  • *Filing false documents
  • *Solicitation of violation of oath by public officer
  • *False statements and writings
  • *Solicitation of violation of oath by public officer
  • False statements and writings

According to the indictment, here are the 19 people charged in the Georgia case,

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  1. Donald Trump, former US president
  2. Rudy Giuliani, Trump lawyer
  3. Mark Meadows, White House chief of staff
  4. John Eastman, Trump lawyer
  5. Kenneth Chesebro, pro-Trump lawyer
  6. Jeffrey Clark, Justice Department official
  7. Jenna Ellis, Trump campaign lawyer
  8. Robert Cheeley, lawyer
  9. Mike Roman, Trump campaign official
  10. David Shafer, Georgia GOP chair and reported fake elector
  11. Shawn Still, reported fake GOP elector
  12. Stephen Lee, pastor accused of intimidation of election workers
  13. Harrison Floyd, Black Voices for Trump
  14. Trevian Kutti, accused of intimidation of election workers
  15. Sidney Powell, Trump campaign lawyer
  16. Cathy Latham, fake GOP elector tied to Coffee County breach
  17. Scott Hall, tied to Coffee County election system breach
  18. Misty Hampton, Coffee County elections supervisor
  19. Ray Smith, Trump campaign attorney
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