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John Haynes Jr. | VAMFA

After two years of denials, coverups and threats the blatantly corrupt Center for Disease Control (CDC) has verified that all of the draconian shutdowns and mandates that killed and damaged millions worldwide were all based on phony “science” and lies.

     Although they falsely claimed that the reversals of their draconian edicts were based on changing circumstances, that is yet another lie. Newly disclosed evidence proves conclusively that the CDC consistently concealed information showing the dangers of the RNA “vaccinations” and downplayed cheap and effective treatments as well as the superior protection afforded by natural immunity.

      Millions died as bureaucrats lied. The massive deception has become so apparent that even the far left New York Times has admitted that the CDC “has withheld critical data”.

     The chart below from the CDC lists some, but not all, of their reversals.


     The reason that these reversals are particularly alarming for Virginians is that doctors representing the Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance (VAMFA) recently had a conference with officials of the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) where they were sandbagged and gaslighted repeatedly. The recalcitrant VDH official repeatedly hid behind CDC guidelines to justify their lack of candor.

     VAMFA founder Dr. Sheila Fury blasted the VDH in her newsletter published July 29th. It read as follows:

     “On June 29th, the Virginia Department of Health hosted “an open forum” on Covid therapeutics. Of course, I was delighted to participate in an “open” discussion. However, in true fascist fashion, the VDH refused to address our questions posed in the chat and then booted members of the Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance out of the meeting with no warning for simply asking questions. When VDH was confronted about this behavior, they responded by saying they were “not capable” of answering questions for anything not approved by the CDC? Why are we paying these sycophants? It appears the staff at VDH are unable to provide due diligence for the citizens the Commonwealth. They appear to lack basic intellectual curiosity about data that is readily available about ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, fluvoxamine, Vitamins C and D, a host of other medications to treat Covid. Further, their lack of acknowledgement about side effects from the jab is disturbing. As Virginians continue to die from a treatable illness, the game plan for the state remains unchanged. “Mommy Dearest” is telling you what to do rather than providing informed consent weighing risk, benefit and alternatives. Our Governor strongly encourages his citizens to walk in lock-step to submit to “safe and effective” jabs that do not prevent you from contracting the virus or spreading it. The “safety” profile of the jab is a load of horse manure that is still steaming. Further, they want the dirty words of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine removed from our vocabularies because the pharmaceuticals won’t make billions. Had enough?”

     In response to the shameful actions of the VDH the VAMFA has announced a public forum to be held on Saturday, October 1st at the Life Church in Mechanicsville, Virginia. It is entitled “Virginia’s Covid Management”. A flyer promoting the event accompanies this article.

     The event will be from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. and invited speakers include Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Paul Marik. Doctor Malone is perhaps the most prominent critic of the Covid response and he has appeared at numerous prominent events. He is a fixture on national news programs.

     Dr. Marik has also been a highly visible critic and actually sued Sentara Norfolk Hospital for their regressive Covid policies. He eventually resigned his position at the hospital.

     Invited guests include Governor Glenn Youngkin, Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears, Attorney General Jason Miyares and 140 other legislators. The event is also open to the public and further details are available at or by following the QR code on the accompanying flyer.

     On September 4th I received a statement from VAMFA. It read as follows:

     “The Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance (VAMFA) is sponsoring an open and uncensored public forum on October 1, 2022 about the public health system’s management of COVID in Virginia. Virginia government health officials have repeatedly declined requests from VAMFA to present the results of their COVID public health policies and treatments to date and have an open dialogue with Virginia doctors and medical scientists about alternative COVID prevention and treatment approaches. Thousands have died from COVID as a result of being denied access to life-saving early treatment ​and from injuries from the experimental genetic COVID shots.  

     VAMFA is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of Virginia doctors, allied healthcare professionals, organizations, and citizens. We are concerned and alarmed by the public health system’s encroachment to the point of a stranglehold on the ability of healthcare professionals to provide scientific evidence-based ethical care to Virginians during the COVID pandemic. VAMFA’s mission is to educate, engage and restore Americans’ God-given rights and the Constitutional restraints on government upon which our country was built. 

     The public health system, abetted by Big Pharma, hospitals, Big Tech, and the corrupt mainstream media, has brutally suppressed the truth since the beginning of the COVID pandemic in 2020. The official NIH-FDA-CDC-VDH narrative and the illusion of scientific consensus that “COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective” and “Benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks” are false and misleading based on abundant and growing evidence. Sources include the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), the Department of Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) and the vaccines’ own clinical trial data even before the FDA authorized them for public use. Public health communications to Virginia citizens have exaggerated or misrepresented the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine and ignored or misrepresented their risks.

     It particularly has failed to disclose that healthy children have almost no risk of COVID.  The COVID vaccines do not prevent getting infected or spreading the virus. Thus children derive almost negligible benefit from the shots but are at much higher risk of catastrophic injuries including death. Vaccinated children are 82 times more likely from any cause, including 303 times more likely to die from COVID, compared to unvaccinated children. More vaccine-associated deaths have been reported in the U.S. overall since its December 2020 release than for all other vaccines in the last 30 years combined. Based on the VAERS reports, the actual number of U.S. COVID vaccine-associated deaths is estimated to exceed 500,000. Moreover, there has been an astounding 84% increase in excess deaths (61,000) from the pre-COVID baseline (January 2020) to January 2022 in healthy U.S. working-age millennials, with spikes coinciding with the vaccine mandates and boosters. Under the 2005 Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act, the COVID vaccine manufacturing companies like Pfizer and Moderna have total immunity from liability if something unintentionally goes wrong after receiving their vaccines, including serious injury or death.

     The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) has ignored, censored and demonized dissenting scientific viewpoints and evidence of harm reported in adverse event reporting databases and by Virginia doctors, other healthcare professionals and citizens as misinformation and labeled them deniers. VAMFA defends the basic human right to freedom of thought and conscience and supports flexible medical, religious and conscientious belief, including exemptions from unconstitutional mandates. Each individual has the legal right to make informed, voluntary and private health choices for themselves and their children without coercion, inducements, retaliation or social restrictions. The public health system has denied Virginians the fundamental human right of true informed consent about the experimental genetic COVID shots and other novel COVID drugs. That requires disclosing accurate and complete information about risks (known and unknown), benefits and alternative options. VDH has repeatedly failed to offer objective quantitative information or evidence that would form the basis of an informed consent discussion, only pushing out only the unconscionable and unsubstantiated “safe and effective” messaging.

     VAMFA supports the unrestricted availability of all preventive and treatment options to all patients and all doctors in Virginia. Each doctor has the legal right to prescribe an FDA-approved medication for any  reason they deem appropriate in their professional judgment, without intimidation or retribution including loss of licensure or employment. In fact, there would be no need for a COVID vaccine or expensive new investigational drugs, particularly ones that are neither safe nor effective, if VDH would enthusiastically promote, or just permit, the widespread use of medications in existing and proven life-saving prevention and early treatment protocols. Early in the pandemic, a group of world-renowned critical care doctors and scientists collaborated as the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) to quickly develop robust prevention and treatment protocols to fight COVID. These protocols “repurposed” numerous, inexpensive, available medications that are already FDA-approved plus immune-fortifying nutritional therapies. Dozens of peer-reviewed studies clearly show that aggressive prevention and early outpatient multidrug treatment could have prevented 75 to 80 percent of hospitalizations and deaths attributed to COVID.

     Aggressively implementing a time-honored and commonsense public health approach to managing an epidemic such as that described above, coupled with the high herd immunity already in Virginia due to natural COVID infection in the unvaccinated, would have substantially hastened the end of COVID in the Commonwealth. It would have resulted in tremendous savings of taxpayer dollars from avoided hospitalizations and expensive investigational medications and, most importantly, in lives saved. It would have prevented much of the economic and social carnage from unnecessary prolonged lockdowns, mandates and social restrictions. It would have hastened the return of our Constitutional and basic human rights that have been violated in the name of an orchestrated public health crisis.

     The mismanagement of the COVID pandemic is the largest public health disaster in our lifetime. VAMFA wants Virginia to lead the nation in protecting her citizens from the harm of COVID and the so-called COVID vaccines and out of this orchestrated public health and societal catastrophe. The experimental genetic COVID injections are neither safe nor effective and it is time to stop them, particularly in children. It is time to lift the national state of medical emergency and return to an individualized approach to healthcare and honor, without exception, the sacred, private doctor-patient relationship and the fundamental right of personal informed consent about bodily autonomy. It is time to restore scientific integrity and the people’s shattered trust in medicine, which begins with free and open dialogue between doctors and medical scientists.

     Come to the October 1 public forum to hear the evidence and decide for yourself. Please visit the Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance for more information and to register to attend in person or listen to the live-streamed event.”

      This must never be allowed to happen again and it is finally time to enforce the Nuremberg Code. This international code was enacted after World War II in reaction to the atrocities and mass murders committed by the Nazi party of Germany.

     As reported at “The Nuremberg Code emerged in the wake of the Second World War in response to the horrific medical practices that were carried out on prisoners in concentration camps throughout the Third Reich.

     The Nuremberg Code is a set of 10 ethical research principles for human experimentation. These guidelines were established by the U.S. v Brandt case at Nuremberg, where the first international war crimes tribunal in history was held after World War II.”

     The subsequent Nuremberg Trial resulted in the executions of several war criminals and lengthy prison sentences for others as it was made clear that this monstrous behavior would never be tolerated again. And now it’s time to reinstitute a new version of the Nuremberg Trials. But first, a little history.


                                                  Nazi War Criminals at Trial/ Photo Credit:   

     At the conclusion of World War II, the Allies instituted a series of legal proceedings to try Nazi officials for a variety of horrendous war crimes committed during the war. These crimes resulted in millions of deaths and great suffering for many across the globe. These proceedings were called the Nuremberg Trials after the German city where they were conducted.

     Many, myself included, feel that the current devastation wrought by the two and a half year long global “Covid Pandemic” deserves similar treatment. After all, it too resulted in the death of countless millions, ruined economies and resulted in millions more consigned to a lifetime of illness. It also ruined the educations for our children, particularly in nations and states that adhered to the Draconian lockdowns and other infringements on our liberties.

    In last month’s edition of the Sentinel, I wrote an article about a group of Virginia doctors who have formed an organization called the Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance.  Their purpose is to expose and hold accountable those responsible for conceiving of and implementing the massive Covid hoax. The final paragraph of that article is reprinted below:

     “Recently German MP Christine Anderson made the following statement to the European Parliament:

     “This vaccine campaign will go down as the biggest scandal in medical history and, it will be known as the biggest crime ever committed on humanity.”

     And never forget, it was all done for power and money.

    The question now is this. What are we going to do about it? A good start may be to attend the VAMFA event on October 1st or watch it live on Facebook. This must never happen again and the brave doctors of VAMFA are determined to make sure that it doesn’t.


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