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Virginia Nurses for Life- Statement of Agreement

We affirm the humanity of the pre-born baby from fertilization to birth. Our mission is to assist in the safe delivery of the baby and insure the life of the mother. We believe that God wants us to defend all life and specifically the helpless since society and the courts have declared them non-persons and therefore not protected under our Constitution.

As Nurses responsible for the care of the mother and her unborn baby, we oppose abortion, it being the willful destruction of an innocent human being and we pledge not to be involved in the procedure nor make a referral for an abortion. We reject elective abortion as being a ‘standard of care for unwanted pregnancies’. We further pledge to support and promote life affirming alternative solutions for mothers with difficult pregnancies.

In addition to the elective death of the baby, we believe that abortion has profound, adverse effects that impact the mother that includes higher risk for suicide, accidents and homicides. Also there are significant higher risks of mental health disorders including anxiety, mood disorders and substance abuse. There are also negative impacts on the father, the extended family and society at large as evidenced by our violent culture. When life is devalued in the family, it is inevitably devalued in society at large.

We would appreciate your donation.

If you are a nurse here in Virginia, we ask you to please pdf download our Statement of Agreement and mail it to us so we can add your name to our list of nurses who affirm the sanctity of life.

Download pdf List of Nurses Who Afffirm the Sanctitiy of Life Revised September 23, 2012


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