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We believe abortion clearly shows the degree of moral bankruptcy in America. We believe Christians are the main, but not the only ones, who can change the abortion culture in Virginia. Generally Christians will only move when educated and led by their Pastors. We will encourage Pastors to proclaim that human life should be protected and that abortion is the killing of human life. We reject the Supreme Court ruling that children in the womb need not be protected, and we reject the idea that women should have the choice to kill their child.

Virginia Pastors for Life- Statement of Agreement

“We affirm the humanity of the pre-born baby from fertilization to birth and we believe that God wants us to defend the helpless. We therefore oppose abortion and will promote the sanctity of human life. We will also support girls and women in crisis pregnancy with medical and material help and spiritual counseling.”

If you are a pastor here in Virginia, we ask you to pleasepdf  download our Statement of Agreement and mail it to us so we can add your name to our list of pastors who affirm the sanctity of life.


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