What Happens when Christians “Sidewalk Counsel” at the Abortion Clinic

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All praises to God, as He had already prepared the table before us.  All we needed to do was sense the anointing present and flow with the Holy Spirit.  First off, it was a busy day.  Nothing at first, and then they started to roll in.  One right after another.  They tried not to notice us or hear what we were saying as they hurried in to continue along the path of the “grave” decision “they” had chosen.  Here comes a couple down the sidewalk, the mother pushing a baby girl  in a carriage and the father holding the hand of 3 or 4 year old little boy.  They met all the criteria of the “perfect little family”.  Surely, they were one of the parrishners at the church across the street.  Surely, they couldn’t or wouldn’t (especially with the precious little ones innocently following the “parents” lead) be coming to this place of destruction. 

However, as they drew closer our thoughts of unbelief were emerging into truth; they were indeed bringing their “precious little ones” to this place to witness the destruction of their unborn brother or sister.  We asked them if they were going into the clinic and if they would just allow us to pray with them.  We tried to have them see that they were taking the life of not just their child but their children’s brother or sister.  We tried to speak to the very heart of the Spirit within them.  However, they chose to not accept our offer of prayer and ministry and to proceed into the clinic, them and the children.

As we continue to pray and try to minister to others as they come in, I begin to pray and direction my hand at the check-in window at the back.  Knowing that as they continue to go in, it may touch their heart to see us continue to pray for them as they go in and pay for their unborn to be placed on “death row”.  The unborns sensing that something is going on as they directly experience the anxieties of their mothers.  The heartbeats growing faster as the list narrows to the calling of their mothers name.

I am required to move away from my stance of prayer for a moment as another vehicle speeds into the parking lot.  Rushing in as to not miss their grievous appointment.  However, this time God has intervened on the baby’s behalf and the mother and young girl (a rising Senior in HS) saw me praying as they drove in.  They had asked God for a sign concerning their decision and felt this was an answer to their prayers.  As we asked them to come over to speak with us, they came over however, not without slight hesitation or reluctancy.    We began to minister to both the mother and the young lady.  The mother indicated that the decision was the daughter’s.  The daughter indicated that she was terminating the pregnancy because of a boyfriend and her wanting to finish her last year of school.  As we continued to minister, tears began to roll, first from the daughter and then from the mother.  We could see that God was truly working on their hearts.  As we continue to minister, others are still rolling in and going into the clinic; however, we know that God is truly moving through this present situation and don’t want to step away from what He is doing.  God continues to work on both the mother and the daughter and finally the daughter makes that “life changing” decision; “Yes, I want to keep my baby!”  We could literally begin to feel and sense the Angels rejoicing in Heaven.  We obtain their contact information for follow up and counsel and pray with them before they go.

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As we begin to concentrate on the clinic as those going in once more, we noticed a well dressed young lady and what seemed to be a college student coming down the walkway.  She didn’t look the part, she had on her Sunday dress and every hair on her head was ever so neatly combed into place.  She didn’t look the part.  However, as we met them on the sidewalk and asked if they were going to the clinic, they both nodded in agreement, and answered a cold stirring “yes”.    She was also a rising HS student and that was her boyfriend, a college student.  I ministered to the young lady as Elder Thompson ministered to the young man.  Once again, the Lord touched her heart and tears began to flow as she began to break.  She said that she wanted to keep her baby and that she was only doing it because of the boyfriend.  She indicated that they had not told the parents.  I asked her how she thought the parents would feel if they knew the two of them were coming down to take the life of their grandchild that morning.  As always, God knows the end from the beginning and both received the prayer of salvation and made the decision to keep their baby.  We prayed with them before they departed that the parents would be supportive and receptive to their decision to keep the baby.

After we finished ministering with this couple, we saw the “perfect little family” come out of the clinic and all praises to God, we are believing that they did not take the life of their unborn.  

God showed up in an “AWESOME” and “MIRACULOUS” way!!!   As only He can, and as He always does!!!

Well, that’s not the end of the story.  I know that we indeed scored points for the Kingdom of God and made satan made on that day as my car would not move when I went to leave the clinic that day.  I had to have my car towed.  However, even in that He used me to minister to those that came out to check on me as I was waiting for the tow truck.  And, He even used me to minister to the tow truck driver as we were driving the car to the shop.  But, GOD!!!

Nope, God was still not finished.  As I went into Johnston-Willis hospital to visit with Mother Massenberg in ICU.  Who would God have on that floor, in the hallway versus hidden in a room, at that specific time I was getting off the elevator and on that specific day?  No other than the mother of the HS student that we had ministered to only a few weeks earlier (she works maintenance for the hospital).  I called her name when I saw her and she turned around and began to smile.  I had followed up with her and the other young lady.  However, she indicated that she had misplaced my phone number.  She said that all was well and began to share her testimony of how God had continued to move after that day at the clinic.  She said that the boyfriend had obtained a job and would be assisting in taking care of the baby.  She also indicated that before that day her daughter was rebellious, going out to the club and drinking.  However, after that day of ministry at the clinic, she was a “new person” (how well we know about becoming a new creature in Christ and old things being passed away) and that she was no longer rebellious, clubbing or drinking.  YOU GO, GOD!!!  She asked me if I would pray for her ex-husband who did not know about the baby and was giving her a hard time.  I said that I would have one of our men to contact him as she gave me his contact information.  How about his name is “Saul”.   God is always working things out, in His timing!!!
by Elder Sundra M. Johnson from the Mt. Gilead Church Abortion Ministry and Elder Eric Thompson


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