Who Are The Abortionists In Metro Richmond?


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Richmond Medical Center for Women, 118 N. Boulevard, Richmond, VA


Does 1st  and 2nd   Trimester Abortions. Also has Clinics in Roanoke, Charlottesville and Newport News. Graduated MCV 1966.

According to newspaper, health department and court records accounts:

Started doing abortions 34 years ago. Went in partnership with Robert Bluford, Jr., a Presbyterian Minister in 1975 to acquire clinics in Richmond, Roanoke and Newport News. He is by far the largest provider of abortions in Virginia. In the early 1990’s, he was doing over 6,600 per year at the Richmond Medical Center for Women, over 2,000 each in Roanoke and Newport News and over 1,000 in hospitals; a total of over 12,000.  It is estimated he and employees have killed over 200,000 children in the womb during his years of practice. He reported complications to the mother run about 1 for every 200 abortions.

 Quotes By Dr. Fitzhugh:

Second Trimester Abortions – ‘Aesthetically it’s a tougher thing; it’s more unpleasant.’ ‘I’m not gonna kid myself. I see the tissue, and it will grow into a normal baby. But we all make our decisions about whether or not to have children, and not many people have sex with children in their minds’.

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Graduated UNC Medical School, 1974. Was owner of   Norge Women’s Center, Williamsburg. Aborts babies on weekends at Fitzhugh’s clinics.


The Virginia League for Planned Parenthood, 201 North Hamilton Street PP is the nations leading provider and promoter of abortions.   Advertises that abortions in Richmond range between $275 and $425 depending on the age of the child.  Promotes non-surgical abortions using RU486.

Warns if you have this type it can cause serious fetal anomalies and if the baby is still in place, it will be necessary to have a surgical abortion to complete the death.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. has ‘religious’ information on their web site. An article entitled ‘The Bible is Silent on Abortion’ written by Rabbi Dennis S. Ross. He writes ‘Scripture does not consider the fetus to be a human being.’ They also have a Clergy Advisory Board, a Chaplain and have had a PP Prayer Breakfast. V. Gene Robinson, the homosexual Episcopal Bishop, made an appearance at the breakfast..


A Capital Women’s Health Clinic, 1511 Starling Drive, Henrico County Owned by North Carolina Doctors.

They advertise they do abortions up to 20 weeks, but if patients are 14-week gestation and greater they can be helped at either of their two NC locations. They are very forthright in warnings; their literature does note the following risks. (1) Perforation—a tearing of the uterus, (2) Excessive Bleeding from the uterus or cervix, (3) Infection, (4) Incomplete or Missed Abortion.

Dr. Mahlon Douglas Cannon, was director of family planning at 10 Health Departments, has done abortions at this clinic, as has Dr. Cenon Capucano Abesa of Virginia Beach and Dr. Rodger A. Fraser.

Richmond Medical Community: There are a number of Richmond doctors who do abortions in their offices, but maintain a low profile. Some doctors will not do abortions but will refer the patients to ones who do.  Back in the mid-1990’s, a survey of doctors revealed that about 30 would do abortions or would make referrals.

In Vitro Fertilization Doctors who implant more embryos than will be allowed to be born do ‘selective reductions’ to abort the unwanted babies. While some are immediately destroyed, others are put in frozen storage, eventually to be destroyed or used for research. They can be unfrozen, birthed and adopted  The Christian Medical and Dental Association recommend implanting only the embryos that will be allowed to be born, i.e. no extra embryos to be subject to ‘selective reduction’.

– Greene Hollowell

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