What Do You Believe and Why?

Chairman Don Blake

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Chairman Don BlakeChristians and The Culture: “Defending Faith, Family and Freedom”

January, 2010

There have been several articles in newspapers lately about what Americans believe.  The USA Today December 10, 2009 had a long article about the findings of a survey by the Pew Forum on religion.  Here are some of the findings of the survey: 

Christians – 23% believe “the position of stars/planets can affect people’s lives” (astrology);

Christians – 22% believe “people will be reborn again and again”;

Christians – 17% believe “people with the ‘evil eye’ can cast curses or harmful spells”.

The article states that 92% of Americans have an “allegiance to someone they call God” however, the survey said “70% believe many religions can lead to eternal life” and 68% said “there is more than one true way to interpret the teachings of their religion”.

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Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville says he sees “rampant confusion” about faith revealed in the Pew findings.  He says “This is a failure of the Pulpit as much as of the Pew, to be clear about what is and is not compatible with Christianity and belief in salvation only through Christ.”

Why do Christians “blend with the culture?  Is it because the “church” has failed to teach from the pulpit?  Is it because Christians are not grounded in their beliefs, and are confused by public opinion and political correctness?  Is it because Christians have lost their bearings and can no longer recognize truth from the lie? Right from wrong?  Yes.

Last week there were several articles in the paper with the following headlines:  “Creature Appears to have Emerged 397 Million Years Ago”, “Hubble Captures Universe as Toddler…600 Million Years after the Big Bang”.  These articles and others, almost weekly, proclaim as fact what they report.  Where does that leave the Book of Genesis?

As Christians, we need to know what we believe and why, and we need to speak out for the Biblical truth of our faith.

Charles Stanley, the great Southern Baptist preacher formerly of The University of Richmond and Grove Avenue Baptist Church, says “All people have a belief system…what we believe affects every area of our lives and shapes every decision we make, yet few of us take the time to really think about what we accept as true.”  We as Christians need to develop a “truth filter” and look at everything through a Biblical World view.  There are a lot of resources to guide us.  Check out these websites and get on their e-mail lists:   The Truth Project, American Family Association, Family Research Council, Heritage Foundation and other links on Virginia Christian Alliance.

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