200km Long Trucker Convoys Converging on Ottawa, Arriving Saturday Protesting Mandates!

Freedom Convoy

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See their website BEARHUG here and you can just go to YouTube and search “Freedom Convoy”and find more on Telegram.  The  freedom convoy movement is growing around the world. “We are not leaving until all mandates are lifted,” says Bauder. 

On their GoFund page, they have raised almost 7 million dollars from well over 60,000 donations to support the truckers who are spending millions of dollars for their own fuel. Go to BEARHUG and see the maps and scroll down for the GoFund and other resources.

Freedom Convoy GoFund

as of January 29, 7:00am Eastern Time

Rumble — Freedom Convoy spokesman Benjamin Dichter joins Tucker Carlson to discuss the huge trucker protest as it makes its way to Ottawa.  The vaccine passport smart phone apps track them everywhere they go

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Heres’s a short amateur video, as the media blackout continues and all highway cameras have been turned off to keep people in the dark.  This Canadian calls out Trudeau’s comment that labeled tens of thousands of Canadian truckers and citizen supporters as “fringe right wing extremists” which is a flat out lie as an expected 250,000 to 500,000 truckers and Canadian citizens converge on Parliament Hill, Ottawa beginning today and they will remain until the government removes the vaccine mandates. (90% of truckers are vaccinated, but the Orwellian vaccine app they are required to have tracks their every move.  

Rumble — American Conversations Host Christine Dolan speaks with ‘Trucking For Freedom’ participants Andrew Peloso and Jeremey Regoto, and the founder of the movement James Bauder on the way to Ottawa to confront Justin Trudeau.  Massive trucker convoys converging on Ottawa from the West, the East and the South.  Even untold numbers of US truckers are entering Canada to join this historic protest against the border vaccine passport mandates.  





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