A Divine Appointment


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serial killerThe tears in my eyes threatened to impede my driving.  White knuckled, I pulled over to listen to the rest of the radio broadcast.  Dennis Prager’s impassioned voice, sincerely questioned his guest, why the general public has not heard of this man, America’s most prolific serial killer?…

This story comes out of Virginia Christian Alliance Board Member Craig Hudges’s attending the Hollywood Premiere of the movie Gosnell several weeks ago. Craig and VCA Board members Don Blake and Terry Beatley, all of Virginia, had been in Dallas Texas just a week prior to the Hollywood premiere attending? a meeting and the Dallas preview of the Gosnell film.

The three VCA Board members spent much of the afternoon with Ann McElhinny, one of the producers, and attended the Gosnell movie premiere. After the movie the three got to meet and talk with several of the actors.

Hudgins, Blake and Beatley were invited to attend the Hollywood premiere. Craig Hudgins, an acquaintance of Ann McElhinny , was able to accept the invitation and so goes the story of A Divine Appointment as told by Julie Orr who was in Costo and in the check out line with Craig. The in-line conversation leads to Julie Orr being invited to the Hollywood premiere.  She writes about her experience below.

For Julie Orr, it was truly a ” Divine Appointment “.

A Divine Appointment

by Julie Orr

The tears in my eyes threatened to impede my driving.  White-knuckled, I pulled over to listen to the rest of the radio broadcast.  Dennis Prager’s impassioned voice, sincerely questioned his guest, why the general public has not heard of this man, America’s most prolific serial killer?

That was when I first learned about the horrific events that led up to the trial and ultimate sentencing of Kermit Gosnell.  It was like listening to the transcripts of a horror movie, yet I was stunned to learn that although these things really happened I had never heard anything about this man or his clinic.  The gruesome details were peculiarly concealed by a lack of media coverage.  That was when I knew I wanted to advocate for this independent film, to follow up and learn more.

That was more than a year and a half ago…

Even though I was moved to tears by the radio broadcast, after only a few days it slipped from my mind and I got busy doing life with my family.  I completely forgot how I felt moved to make a difference, until Tuesday afternoon.

I usually try to go grocery shopping in the morning, before too many people are there, but on this day, I just got distracted with other work and didn’t make it to Costco until after lunch.  I was planning on squeezing in a “quick” trip before my kids got home from school and I’d need to start dinner.  Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence, but by divine appointment, that I was shopping at that exact time.

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My double-wide cart was loaded to the top and the lines at checkout were significantly longer than I’m used to.  I pulled my cart into what I judged the shortest line, pulled out my phone and checked the time.  “Thank goodness I don’t have carpool duty this afternoon, I’d never make it back in time,” I thought to myself as I glanced up to see the line continuing to form behind me.  Two men in business suits stood waiting directly behind me, no cart, just one pair of jeans in one’s hands.  “Please go in front of me, I’m going to take a while,” I gestured with the phone still in my hand, pointing to my haul.

That was all it took, and a friendly conversation began. First, about the enormous pumpkins in my cart, then the weather and then what these men were doing in Southern California….

“Well, there’s this little movie called Gosnell”….  I felt my chin hit the floor!  What?!  Yes, I KNEW of this film!  I hadn’t thought about it for a year and a half!  These 2 men became my friends in a moment, in line at Costco as we discovered our mutual convictions.

And then they invited me to attend the Premier in Hollywood, just a few hours from that moment!  The PREMIER!  IN HOLLYWOOD!

I’ve lived in Southern California most of my life, but I’d never been to a movie premiere!  I’ve been to TV tapings and seen film locations, and even sat in the bleachers of the Oscar’s Red Carpet, but a movie Premier?!  What a privilege!  All from a chance meeting at Costco!

So, I ran home, practically threw my groceries in the fridge and started making phone calls.  Within an hour and a half, I was driving from Orange County to Los Angeles with my friend, Christianne.

As the lights dimmed, the crowd cheered, and as each name appeared on the opening credits, the audience burst into more applause.  The excitement was tangible, not because we expected to love this movie, but because its importance weighed heavily on us all.

I knew the story would be horrific, but I didn’t expect to be so drawn into the movie.  I imagined it would be more of a documentary style movie, but it was definitely like a courtroom drama.  There was not one dull moment. It’s tempting to think the events were fictionalized, but it was taken directly from the actual court transcripts.  There was no need to sensationalize any bit of it because the actions of this man were so heinous along with the abomination of the people who let it happen.

I was relieved that the producers did not choose to show the graphic images that the jurors saw.  They didn’t need to show the grotesque images to convey the impact. The descriptive words were enough to make me feel nauseated.  This is not a fun movie to go watch for kicks, but an important depiction of the atrocities that can (and did) occur because of government (and individuals) neglecting their duties to regulate and inspect this medical clinic.

The abortion debate always provokes intense reactions from both sides.  This is why I believe, a lot of people won’t go see Gosnell.  Most of us want to see a movie in order to take us out of our own world for a couple hours, to get away from the trials and troubles of our own lives.  It’s fun to “escape” into a story.  But this movie is not fun.   Why would anyone pay to go see a movie that will most definitely disturb them at the core?

Although difficult and complex, we as a society must not turn a blind eye, or avoid a topic because it is so emotionally charged, but we must allow ourselves to talk and respectfully debate such matters as these, so not to allow atrocities like this to occur.  I do hope that this movie brings people to talk about abortion (and other serious issues) peacefully and respectfully, considering the implications for all involved.

This movie has shaken me.  Images of the psychopathic Doctor Gosnell haunt my mind and I can’t stop thinking about it.  But I think this is good because it causes me to think about and talk about not just this movie, but the evil that exists in our world.  As I publish each issue of Contemplate the Bible Magazine, my hope is that people will read the Scriptures and not only learn about God, but be moved to action because of His great love for us.  I sincerely hope that His justice and hatred of evil moves us to stand up against it, too!  That through the scriptures and a deep understanding of and a relationship with our maker, we can do what is right and humbly make our beliefs known to others.

Just one week after Gosnell: America’s Biggest Serial Killer opened so successfully around the country, the movie is being pulled from many theaters. Because of the controversial yet honest conveyance of its subject, this movie, just like the events portrayed in it, is being neglected and overlooked by the media and the general population.  If you have not yet seen this film, please find a theater and go see it.

The LORD has told you what is good, and this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.  Micah 6:8 NLT


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