A Late-Term Abortion Killed This Teen. It Took 13 Years To Release The 911 Call.

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By Cassy Fiano | Live Action

June 2, 2018

Notorious abortionist LeRoy Carhart, who made headlines for the death of Jennifer Morbelli, whose uterus he ruptured after he committed a late-term abortion on her. There was widespread grief and outrage over Morbelli’s death, but she wasn’t the first patient he killed — and this death went almost entirely unnoticed.

Christin Gilbert was a young woman with Down syndrome, a Special Olympian who loved sports, especially softball, in which she earned a gold medal. In 2004, Gilbert was sexually assaulted, and became pregnant. Her parents took her to Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, Kansas: George Tiller’s abortion facility, where LeRoy Carhart was working as an abortionist.

In 2005, Gilbert went to see Carhart, who began the late-term abortion by delivering a fatal shot of digoxin to the heart of her baby. He inserted laminaria into her cervix, and sent Gilbert and her family to a hotel to wait.

The next day, on their way back to the abortion facility, Gilbert delivered the body of her dead baby in the van.

Carhart then performed a dilation and curettage, or D&C, on her. But Carhart wasn’t finished. He then administered RU-486, which is not approved for use during a late-term abortion, and sent Gilbert and her family on their way again. Gilbert quickly began to deteriorate; she had become septic, but at the abortion facility, staffers shrugged off her condition and sent the family away again. By evening, Gilbert was vomiting, fainting, and bleeding. Cathy Reavis, an unlicensed “nurse,” came to the hotel to assist Gilbert, but merely placed her into a warm bath. Carhart was called, but he never bothered coming to help his patient.

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The next morning, Gilbert fainted. The family took her back to the abortion facility, as they likely were instructed to do. Gilbert woke up, but then fainted again.

During this time, the abortion staffers called 911. And in a major breach of ethics, they refused to tell EMS personnel what the nature of the emergency was. Instead, they delayed on the phone, keeping the 911 operator on hold for 45 seconds. This led paramedics to believe there was no urgency to the situation.

The chilling 911 tape has now, 13 years later, been released.

When emergency personnel arrived, they found Gilbert lying in “huge amounts” of blood and fluid, with Carhart on top of her, trying to force fluids from her stomach. At the hospital, she was found to be severely septic, bleeding from every orifice in her body, and she died, just one day after Carhart committed her late-term abortion. Her body had been so ravaged by infection that her organs could not be donated.

Christin was just 19 years old.

The 911 audio, released by pro-life group Operation Rescue, may be old, but it’s still relevant, because LeRoy Carhart is still committing abortions, despite killing at least two patients and continuing to injure many more, including one very recent incident in which a woman nearly bled to death during an abortion at Carhart’s Nebraska facility. He has never been held accountable for his crimes, and continues to traffic in late-term abortion. Christin Gilbert and Jennifer Morbelli both deserve justice; Carhart must be stopped from hurting another woman, ever again.






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