A New Novel that All Christians Should Read – and Then Share with Non-Christians

Destitution by Gavin H Wells

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Destitution is a fascinating novel. On the surface, it is a heart-stopping sci-fi thrill ride about the impending destruction of an entire civilization. Deeper down, though, it offers a careful treatment of many contemporary issues and spiritual themes that should resonate with every American Christian. As the world is attacking Christianity from all sides, Destitution depicts an alternate world in which the only remaining faith system is similarly being attacked from all sides, with the ultimate goal of eliminating it entirely from society.

There is nothing preachy about the novel; the spiritual messages are all delivered metaphorically, reminiscent of C.S. Lewis. It is done in a way that Christians would understand immediately, but would not dissuade non-Christians from reading it as well. In fact, the story is so compelling that, after hooking non-Christians, it might just end up getting a number of them to think twice about some of their basic assumptions on life.

Destitution by Gavin H WellsI cannot stress enough how much I recommend this book to everyone—Christians in particular—even those who don’t normally enjoy science fiction. It is a powerful and persuasive critique on many of the worldly attacks currently being leveled against people of faith. You won’t regret reading it. Also, it will give you a great tool to share God’s truth with your non-Christian friends in a way that they might just consume and even enjoy.

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On the technologically advanced planet of Toluv-Eion, Thoma Si-Noms has worked much of her life for the visionary Slygur Tin-Ai, planning to help orchestrate a Revolution that she believes will free the human race in a new way, eliminating all pain, disease, and even death. One large organization—called the “Infinites”—stands in the way, though. To thwart their opposition, Thoma has developed a lethal virus that will selectively eradicate every Infinite from the planet. But after surviving a surprise attack on her life, she awakens to the truth about the nature of both her employer and the Infinites she aimed to destroy. Compelled to switch sides, she now must fight her former and powerful allies to save herself—and all humanity—from a horrific future foretold long ago, one of total DESTITUTION.


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