Academy Hides Jesus in Chapel after Antichrist Complaint

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A massive painting of Jesus walking on water will no longer be visible at the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) in New York after an advocacy group complained about the artwork,” reports ChristianPost.

In a Jan. 10 letter addressed to USSMA Superintendent Vice Admiral Joanna Nunan, anti-Christ complainer Mikey Weinstein, founder of the [Militant Religion Foes Foundation], issued a “demand” that Nunan “expeditiously remove a massive, sectarian painting illustrating the supremacy of Jesus Christ” from the Elliot M. See Room inside Wiley Hall, which serves as an administrative building at USMMA.

According to Weinstein, MRFF is representing 18 midshipmen, faculty, staff and graduates in their appeal to the Kings Point academy. The USSMA is not under the Defense Department but rather the Department of Transportation under Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who was also copied on Weinstein’s initial email.

The 10-foot by 19-foot painting titled “Christ on the Water” depicts an image of Jesus and merchant seamen adrift in a lifeboat “presumably after being torpedoed in the Indian Ocean during World War II,” according to a USMMA spokesperson.

Also known as “Jesus and Lifeboat,” the piece was painted in 1944 by U.S. Maritime Service Lt. Hunter Wood to hang in the chapel built at the USMMA Basic School in San Mateo, California.

When the San Mateo campus closed in 1947, officials say the painting came to the Academy, and was installed in its current location, which served as the Academy’s interfaith chapel from 1942 to 1961.

The American Merchant Marine Museum has custody of the painting and holds it as a heritage asset under the USDOT Maritime Administration (MARAD).

Calling the artwork a display of “sectarian Jesus supremacy,” Weinstein noted the room in which the painting is hung is used for various administrative meetings, disciplinary hearings and other events.

[Dr. Chaps’ comment:  Historically, Jesus did walk on water, so Mikey wants to censor history from Chapel buildings. Can’t he stay away from church? As a former Navy Chaplain, I never met a Sailor who didn’t pray for safety when  real storms arose. The painting inspires courage to face the storm, a common value that anti-Christ complainers hate.]


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