Adrian Rogers: The Days of Noah

days of noah

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Though we don’t know the exact day or hour, the Bible shares what the Last Days will look like, when Jesus Christ returns and history reaches its climax. In this message, Adrian Rogers examines the days of Noah and reveals why this day and age is ripe for Jesus Christ to come again.


SERMON REFERENCE: Matthew 24:35-39; Genesis 4, 5, 6

Beginning 0:00 Sermon Introduction 0:58

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  1. Days of Secular Philosophy 4:59
  2. Days of Scientific Progress 6:28
  3. Days of Social Plagues 10:26
  4. Days of Sexual Perversion 12:48
  5. Days of Selfish Prosperity 18:54
  6. Days of Solemn Preaching 21:14

Days of Sudden Panic 22:35

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