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Albert Strong1Albert Strong

NOVA Family Forum
Fairfax Station, VA

Albert Strong has an over 25 year career of working in the public interest, whether it be with business, the non-profit sector, the community and government.   His career began in academia as a public policy specialist at Claremont McKenna College where he worked with distinguished economist, Milton Friedman, on constitutional issues regarding tax policy and the Balanced Budget Amendment. In the 1980’s Mr. Strong founded Project Helping Hand, a recognized and honored non-profit organization based in Washington, DC. This organization, one of the early leaders in the private sector initiatives efforts of the Reagan Administration, worked closely with the White House Office of Private Sector Initiatives.

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In the 1990’s Mr. Strong played an active role in the burgeoning recycling movement as both a consultant and an executive in three recycling and solid waste companies. Later, as the Internet grew, Mr. Strong was part of the management team that launched Privo, a developer of online registration of kids and families which efficiently enables companies to comply with complex U.S. privacy protection legislation freeing them to develop profitable online relationships with kids and families.

For the last ten years he has served as a senior executive in the IT industry and as a business consultant.  Albert is married to his wife Amanda and has four wonderful children ages 31, 28, 25, and 24.  He is an active citizen and attends Truro Anglican Church in Fairfax, VA.

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