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Brad & Beth Huddleston live in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Brad is a Revivalist and Evangelist and owns Brad Huddleston Productions, a full service Multimedia Production Company specializing in content creation for radio, television, the corporate and church environment, and the web. Brad ministers around the world in churches, in public and private schools, retreats, camps, conferences and hosts Multimedia Camps at various schools in Australia. He is also a frequent guest on television and radio programs. Beth is on staff at their home church and serves in the position of worship leader. She has a beautiful voice and often ministers with Brad with powerful singing. Beth also manages both the ministry and business offices and accounting.

Brad Huddleston has degrees in Computer Science and Bible. He is an author, speaker, and Evangelist. He and his wife Beth travel the globe ministering in conferences, churches, schools, and retreats. Brad often appears on radio and television. His book can be ordered at and, and he can be reached at


Radio interview on 89.9FM, Melbourne Australia, February 15, 2012:
How to balance (not ban) technologies from our kids and to use technology and not let it use you!   Clayton speaks with Brad Huddleston – an expert in the field of technology and family balance. 


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Heterosexual oral sex is rampant among our young children in part because of the behavior of former President William Clinton and his girl friend Monica. VIRGINIA CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE Advisor Brad Huddleston, founder of a ministry that examines the dangers of the internet, reports on how children are drawn in by smart phones.



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