Annihilation of a Christian Nation

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by Patra MinochaBrave Hill Productions, ©2024

Wars raging.  Illegal Aliens invading.
Evil’s escalating. Freedom is fading.

Depopulation Bioweapons unleashed.
Covid vaccines knocking people off their feet.

More deadly Plan-Demics lay in wait…
Treacherous Tyrants, eager to seal humanity’s fate.

All H*** and mayhem are breaking loose.
Hot tempers erupting… blowing their fuse.

America the Beautiful’s on the brink of destruction.
Cities crippled by crime, chaos and dysfunction.

Pedophilia and perversion are the new norm.  
Sex trafficking little children.  Killing the unborn.

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Gender confusion. Genital mutilation.
Transitioning to the opposite sex…
making a mockery of God’s creation.

Weather Warfare.  End Times disasters.
Nefarious men ‘playing God’…

Worshiping the wrong master.
Political rivals perpetrating racial division.
Marxist agendas ushering in Communism.

Social media censorship…
stripping us of our 1st Amendment Rights.
Our civil liberties are on the line…
America must fight to keep freedom alive.

Persecution of Christians.
Religious Freedoms under attack.
Time for the Body of Christ…
To ‘Stand on the Rock’ and fight back.

Annihilation of a Christian Nation.
Christ is our refuge…
Amid the ruin and devastation.

Keep peace with your soul.
through life’s trials and tribulations.

Draw close to the Lord,
The King of Salvation.



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