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No Time for Drifting

If you and I are not careful, we can navigate through life that way. We can simply glide along, marking things off our to-do list with little thought about what’s eternally important. We lose sight of the fact that with each tick of the clock we’re advancing to a point of definite conclusion.

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Biden’s Radical Choice for HHS

Contact and urge your Senators to oppose the nomination of Levine. who’s radical views on adolescent sexuality that includes genital mutilation and the normalization of a transgender ideology among school-aged children.

Owned by Culture

Culture produces a way of thinking and therefore living.
Throughout Scripture, the Bible tracks two cities and the respective cultures they produce: Babylon and Zion (aka New Jerusalem). Every single one of us is owned by one of those city’s culture. Until we are saved, baptized, and filled with the Holy Spirit we are just like the apostles before Pentecost: owned by the culture of Babylon without even knowing it.