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Blank slate: How Charlottesville government schools leftist-indoctrinate subject children

Instead of teaching students how to think, Charlottesville City Schools (as leaders in a pervasive national trend) are teaching students what to think.
Undoubtedly, many parents of children who are subject to Charlottesville government schools delight in the ongoing leftist indoctrination of their offspring.
There also is a silent minority who vehemently object to these teachings, but thus far have refused to speak against or remove their children from the daily proselytization sessions.
And, then there are those who are woefully ignorant of the taxpayer-funded brainwashing routinely taking place in Charlottesville schools.
The February 4 Charlottesville School Board meeting featured a formal presentation on the division’s advancing race and gender affirmation programs (for kindergarteners on-up), which exemplify perfectly the schools’ headlong assault on tomorrow’s adults.

The Power of Otherization

We are now as close as we could ever have imagined to being a totalitarian state, with companies closing and rampant job loss, citizens deprived of access to communication and other basic services, opinions stifled and threats of re-education camps or classes.  The left has ample control over every facet of our society and, cleverly, has shifted the blame to the victims, the Others, the inferior white Europeans whose ancestry built the best free nation in the world, the ones who said we have a Republic – if we can keep it.