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The Prosperity of the Wicked

The prosperity of the wicked is dependent on good men doing nothing and will succeed if not opposed ushering in the lawless one by Satan with all power and false signs and wonders

Gaza Hospital Raid | Faith Nation – November 15, 2023

Israeli Forces Descend on What Is Said To Be the Hamas Terror Headquarters in Gaza’s Largest Hospital on the Verge of Running Out of Critical Supplies. Global Power Summit: The President’s High Stakes Meet Up With the President of China. Threats to the Homeland. All This, and More, on Faith Nation.

UN Report Attacks US, Constitution & God-Given Rights

Despite its attacks on America, the UN report praises the Biden administration for promoting abortion, transgenderism, homosexuality, and gun control. However, it argues that much more is needed including constitutional amendments, for the United States to be in compliance with a UN covenant on “civil and political rights.”