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God alone sustains us at every moment, in every stage of life; infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age: and God has ordained the family as the primary means through which He does this.

Christian Families Against Destructive Decisions was founded in 2020 by Apostle Tommy E. Quick in response to the devastation of broken homes that he witnessed during his 45 years of evangelistic and pastoral ministry. After seeking God for answers, he concluded that the problems and challenges that many families experience today will not be solved in the political arena, social programs, or demonstrations. It is his belief that the state of each family is largely due to the decisions individuals make on a day-to-day basis.

All the pain, grief, sorrow, and sin in the world is the result of just one wrong decision. Every day we make hundreds of decisions that determine what we say and do which in turn effects the quality of lives and the conditions of our homes and families. Considering the alarming statistics, that 1 in 4 Americans under the age of 18 live in a single parent home and that 3 in 4 in the African American community live in a single parent home, it is evident that destructive decisions is proliferate in our nation. Consequences of the family breakdown range from health issues, emotional stress, educational failure, family disfunction, delinquency, bullying, anger, poverty, drug abuse, incarceration, fatherless and more.

Christian Families Against Destructive Decision’s mission is to influence the building and sustaining of strong families and strong generational heritages by promoting a biblical worldview and a God first lifestyle. CFADD seeks to educate the public of the benefits and consequences of decisions that affect them and their loved ones, and to provide biblical instruction, resources, strategies, and principles that will aid them in making good sound decisions. For no good action can be taken unless it is preceded by a good decision, because each good decision is an investment in a great future.

Christian Families Against Destructive Decisions will:

· Eliminate the misinformation and ignorance that effects our families

· Assure that children have dedicated mothers and fathers to protect, nurture and guide their development toward their adulthood.

· To combat all cultural ideologies and/or behavior that disrupts the nuclear family.

· To end all media violence against the family.

· Promote equality and justice for all babies conceived in the womb.

· Promote abstinence before marriage and monogamy.

· Enhance the desirability of marriage and family life.

CFADD will accomplish this by focusing on marriage, fatherhood, motherhood, financial security, avoiding divorce, drugs and violence, parental rights, addressing the gender confusion, sex education, abstinence, addressing pornography, and the murdering of the unborn.

For more information about CFADD or to join its cause visit Only by restoring the biblical foundations of the home, can the church and society flourish. Our journey together to restore the foundations of the families and repair the breaches has just begun. Through CFADD, you will become a part of the revival of the traditional family values. Together we will see the heart of the fathers turn to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers and an end to the curse of fatherlessness in the Earth (Malachi 4:6). Visit DFADD and find out more.

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