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 Are you a Christian or Christian American? Or maybe you weren’t aware of a difference. A Christian is the same universally. The message of Jesus Christ and the Christian Bible is taught essentially the same all over the world.  This message is what made Billy Graham famous in his campaigns where he led hundreds, if not thousands, to the Lord every night during his evangelist tours. But is this enough for an American? Billy Graham was a Christian. He was not a Christian American.  His universal message could not emphasize the United States as a Christian nation.

George Washington is widely accepted as the Father of our Christian nation.  His writings and later pictures reveal him as a devoted Christian.  In conjunction with other founding fathers they established, through the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, a Christian nation.  Unlike Billy Graham, General Washington  was not an evangelist and is not known to have led anyone to the Lord.

George Washington was a Christian American. He recognized that the nation’s future depended on the nation being Christian, not just some individual citizens.  The history of our nation, easily supported by historical records, is clearly that we started as a Christian nation.  In less than 300 years this nation rose from a jungle to become the greatest nation on earth, and it did it with God’s blessing.  The Christianity of the nation was obvious. It was also clearly understood that freedom of religion meant that everyone was free to practice any of the Christian denominations. Religion was accepted as the worship of our Creator, the God of the Bible. Freedom of religion was never intended to elevate atheism, agnostics, Jews or Islam, to be equal with Christianity.

In 1962, in one of the worst decisions by our Supreme Court, an old, almost forgotten letter from Thomas Jefferson, was brought up and taken out of context to claim we were not a Christian nation.    By taking this previously almost unknown private letter out of context, the Court ignored 200 years of well documented history. Separation of Church and State became the goal and the Court essentially threw God out of our society. The Supreme Court became the new god. Bibles were banned in all public schools. The Ten Commandments and all references to Christians and the Bible were banned in public areas.   

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Liberalism became the politically correct fad and even most Christian Churches accepted the new American religion. The Christian American concept that there is one God that we worship through Jesus Christ as our savior was considered too arrogant. Who are we to believe our God is in any way better than someone else’s  god?  We were lulled into accepting the possibility of Darwin’s evolution. And then, soon, evolution became a fact in our public schools because, after all, it is science where Creation is only religion.  

Many of our churches, whose faith was weakening, began to succumb to the politically correct onslaught. They began to question their own faith and came up with compromises with the Bible. Even though the compromises made no sense and were based on ridiculous reinterpretation of common words. (The Supreme Court, being wiser, came up with permutations and emanations of words to change meanings)  Christians continued to motor on without blinking an eye.  They still taught the Bible and salvation. Evangelists, such as Billy Graham and many others, still brought many to believe in the Lord. They just conveniently ignored, but tacitly accepted, the errors in the Bible.

Meanwhile our nation was going downhill. We have ignored the wisdom of our founding fathers who were true statesmen; today our leaders are politicians. We falsely are trying to bring democracy to the world.  George Washington and other founders knew that a democracy was one of the worst forms of government.  As soon as the people realized they could vote themselves money from the public treasury, it became a downhill slide to destruction.  We were founded as a Constitutional Republic. We should be trying to bring Christianity to the world, not democracy. We should also

recognize that there is no such thing as a natural right if it requires taking something from your neighbor, by force, to give to others.  Yet this is what our present political conflicts are about.

The present status is a recipe for disaster.  We continue to bring a few Christians to the Lord through the remaining true Biblical churches and evangelists, while allowing the Satanic evolution to be taught, unopposed, as a scientific fact, to millions of public school students.

If we are ever going to unite a Christian nation again, as it was until a few years after World War II, we must unite around our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  Our Christian churches must get actively involved in politics and support values and politicians who support those values. To ignore the political scene, as many churches have done, is to lose the country by default.  The churches must change and start taking an active part in our government. If not, God will not need to destroy America. We are doing it to ourselves.    

Bnowers1 William E. Nowers, Creation & Evolution Studies Ministry, and on the Virginia Christian Alliance Board of Advisors

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