How Darwin Got It Wrong

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At a recent Creation meeting in Fredericksburg, VA, we viewed a DVD “How Darwin Got It Wrong”, from Creation Ministries International (CMI). The speaker was Dr. John Sanford, a noted scientist from Cornel University. He covered seven areas where Charles Darwin “got it wrong”.  

The first and most important area was Darwin “turning his back” on God the Creator. During his famous voyage it is said that Darwin had two important references. One was the Holy Bible, and the second was a Geology reference written by Englishman Charles Lyell titled “Principles of Geology”.

The geology presented in this book became known as “Uniformitarianism”. In effect, it said that the geology processes of the past are the essentially same as those occurring today. This “new” theory discounted God’s special creation and the world wide-catastrophic flood in Noah’s day.

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The theory promoted the idea that all fossil-bearing rock layers were laid down slowly over millions of years, and not a few thousand years ago by a world-wide flood. (One important challenge to his theory has been the finding of sea fossils near the top of the World’s highest mountains.) Lyell’s “old earth” theory helped make Darwin’s theory of evolution believable.

Accordingly, Darwin rejected the scriptures and trusted Lyell’s writings because it supported his own theory of long “Evolutionary” periods here on earth. Darwin accepted the wrong reference. He turned his back on God the Creator and Judge of this world as described in Genesis, and accepted the opinion of man. It is said that toward the end of his life, Darwin was a sick and “mentally disturbed” man. Deep inside, he must have realized that he made an eternal error turning his back on the Creator, and ultimately influencing countless numbers of people to turn away from a belief in God and His Holy Word.

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