Clergy Support the Virginia Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

Feb 4 Press conference of black pastors and Don Blake

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Clergy Speak Out Supporting Biblical Marriage & Chastising Attorney General Mark Herring Asking For His Impeachment

On Tuesday, February 4, 2014, Don Blake-VCA President/Chairman was invited to participate in a Clergy Press Conference in Norfolk, Virginia.  Here is the letter and video from that Press Conference:

Norfolk, Virginia – February 4, 2014 – Same-sex marriage is a moral issue, not a civil rights issue.  It threatens to destroy the divine intended structure of the family.

At this very moment in the U.S. Federal District Court is hearing plaintiffs who are attempting to have the court rule against the will of the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia who defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman in a 2006 constitutional amendment.

This is without question an unwarranted attack on the traditional family structure that will further proliferate the moral and social ills that plague our society.  Statistics show that single family homes have enough challenges when it comes to rearing children.  The rearing of children in the environment of two mothers or two fathers will lead to nothing but confusion and more problems.

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Those of us who take the Bible seriously and what it has to say about the approved structure of marriage cannot deviate from its moral pronouncements and warnings.  The church must again raise its prophetic voice in opposition as we did eight years ago when this matter of same-sex marriage came to the forefront.

We take our stand with the risk of being called homophobic.  Notwithstanding, we speak as defenders of the Faith based on the Biblical Witness.  Accordingly, same-sex marriage is morally indefensible even if the courts rule otherwise.  The wisdom of the Holy Scriptures stands above the wisdom and interpretations of judges and trial lawyers.

Many of us Democrats voted for Mark Herring, the new Attorney General, but we expected him to uphold the laws for the Commonwealth of Virginia.  He has to put us on notice that this will not be the case.  Neither will he appoint anyone to defend the commonwealth in this matter but instead he has joined the plaintiff’s in trying to overturn the state ban.  his personal opinions may differ from state law but he should defend the constitutional ban or resign

Bishop G. Wesley Hardy, Sr., D. Min
Prelate, Virginia Fourth Ecclesiastic Jurisdiction COGIC
Senior Pastor, Cathedral of Faith Church of God in Christ
2020 Portlock Road
Chesapeake, Virginia 23324

Dr. Calvin A Durham, D. Min
Senior Pastor, New Hope Church of God in Christ
3232 Brest Avenue
Norfolk, Virginia

Below are several photos from that Press Conference: 

 Feb 4 Press conference of black pastors and Don Blake

VCA Don Blake and Pastors at Press Conference

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