Virginia Christian Alliance Press Release to Judge Wright Allen Ruling


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For Immediate Release Feb. 14, 2014

RICHMOND, VA – – Virginia Christian Alliance (VCA) is held a Press Conference at their Headquarters at 3:00 p.m. Friday, February 14th in response to the decision issued by the federal district Judge Wright-Allen.

Judge Wright Allen’s decision is fraught with error.  It misconceives both the basis for Virginia’s Marriage Amendment and the reasons for government’s regulation of marriage in the first instance. 

While the Judge addresses the importance of relationships being “free from unwarranted government interference,” her reasoning is exactly backward.  Nothing today prevents same-sex couples from engaging in whatever intimate relationships they like.  In fact, these couples are seeking the government’s endorsement of their private decisions in the form of a marriage license.

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But civil marriage has never been about—and should not be about—a government’s endorsement of intimate lifestyles or relational choices.  Civil marriage is about the State providing societal incentives for those whose union is likely to produce children to stick together and raise those children in the type of situation that has been proven to provide the most successful outcomes for them: a family that includes both of the children’s parents.

The people of Virginia have chosen to restrict the benefits of marriage to those relationships that fulfill the Commonwealth’s purpose in regulating and incentivizing marriage in the first place.  This is not a decision based on animus, but based on wise and legally sound public policy.

The people of Virginia should be outraged, moreover, at Attorney General Mark Herring’s complicity in this decision to negate their expressed will.  By actively opposing our Constitution, Attorney General Herring has prejudiced his client, the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Swift action should be taken against him in order to restore the rule of law.

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