CLIC-VA Update: Socialists’ Agenda puts Economy, Jobs, and Public Safety at Risk

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Below is a legislative summary from the Conservative Legislative Information Council (CLIC). It outlines some of this year’s legislation that has died (so far at least). And some of the legislation that is on its way to becoming law. During the upcoming crossover period, it is possible to defeat some legislation if it does not pass in the second legislative house. Finally, it also includes some tips if you wish to contact your representatives, and a link if you wish to receive legislative alerts. We hope you find the information useful, and take advantage of the opportunity you have to participate in the governance process.

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January 25, 2020

Socialists’ Agenda puts VA Economy / Jobs / Public Safety at Risk

The Good News:

  • Some of the bills that would have created state-run Healthcare insurance died in committee
  • Catastrophic and Association healthcare insurance plans are passing
  • Bills which would have eliminated single family zoning died in committee
  • Senate has declared nuclear a clean energy source and the state is directed to develop a strategic plan for the role of nuclear energy as part of the Commonwealth’s overall energy strategy
  • Governing bodies required to provide members of the general public with the opportunity for public comment during at least half of the regular meetings held each fiscal year.
  • More transparency – Subcommittee meetings are now being live streamed when held in a room with a camera!

Continued to next year: DEAD (A way to kill a bill – often used to avoid taking a recorded vote)

  • The House bill to reinstate the Inheritance Tax (Death Tax) 
  • Senate – VA constitution amendment to remove the definition of marriage
  • Senate – VA constitution amendment to enshrine abortion in our constitution

The public policy changes below are on their way to becoming law

Second Amendment:

Easy on criminals; tough on gun owners. [The Marxists’ goal? To disarm the population] We’ll see them in court!

  • ALL Bills that supported the 2nd amendment or were tough on criminals are DEAD!
  • So far the senate has passed a red flag law; universal background checks; one gun purchase per month; local gun control; gun free (killing) zones. More bills in committees – all moving us closer to gun registration, the pre-requisite to confiscation and ultimate disarming of the population.

ERA – Passed in both houses – has crossed over – final passage next. (Governor’s signature not necessary) We’ll see them in court

Economy / Free Market / Job KILLERS:

  • Virginia Energy Plan – Mandates the establishment of greenhouse gas emissions reduction standards across all sectors of Virginia’s economy (all sectors includes electricity, transportation, building, and industrial sectors) impact statement
  • Virginia Values Act* – Anti- discrimination re: “Public Accommodation” – (Employment, credit, housing, restaurants, bakeries, any establishment open to the public! – More anti-business than California’s law) Public Accommodation as currently defined in the VA code
  • Virginia Council on Environmental Justice established
  • NO fracturing allowed in eastern Virginia
  • *A bill to pack the SCC in favor of socialists
  • Off shore drilling prohibition
  • New (another) program to fund grants to subsidize residential energy efficiency measures
  • New rebate program for purchasers or lessees of certain zero-emissions vehicles.

Property Rights Killers:

  • New Scenic River designations – Sections of Maury, Clinch, Pound, Staunton, James rivers, Gray’s Creek [Are citizens with property along these rivers aware of the restrictions and the private property rights lost when this designation is applied. Many times in the past they were NOT!]


  • A new regional transportation authority is in the works – will allow application of the extra regional gas tax in a large part of central Virginia

Social Justice:

  • Radical abortion regulation changes. Persons other than physicians can perform; repeals 24 hr wait and ultrasound requirements; facilities no longer need to meet minimum hospital standards. More to come.
  • Lee-Jackson Day removed as a state holiday – designates Election Day as a state holiday.
  • Bills mandating gender neutral pronouns or situations where no gender can be used
  • New birth certificates to show a gender change
  • [Thought crimes illegal] Hate crimes reported to law enforcement


Early-Release-For-Murderers Bill Advances

* Virginia Values Act Would Harm State’s Economy

Payoff Time for Construction Unions

Lawmakers Coddling Hospital Monopolies

Bill to Expand (Pack?) SCC a First Test of Change



Legislators are ignoring pre-written messages that are all the same so we must do things the old fashioned way.

Responding to alerts effectively and without a hassle.

Phone calls work best.

  • To avoid live conversations or to save time…
  • It takes less than a minute to leave a voicemail in the evening or on weekends.
  • All they want to know is the bill number and do you support or oppose it.
  • (Lengthy explanations of your position are not welcome and will be ignored – they are crazy busy)
  • Put your Senator’s, Delegate’s and the Governor’s phone numbers in your phone contacts.

If you prefer to email,

  • Be sure to put the bill number and support or oppose in the subject line.
  • They scroll through emails every day but may not actually read them for days. By then the vote is over!
  • Keep your message to one or two lines (they are crazy busy)

Hope these hints are helpful!

Legislators are greatly motivated by constituents who will take the time to contact them!

Watch for alerts – Much more to come

The House has passed only 21 of 1,733 bills proposed.

The Senate has passed only 116 of 1,094 proposed

Thanks for your support,

Carol Stopps and the CLIC Team,


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