Crime and Punishment

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What a week it’s been. And it’s not over by a long shot. You might think this article is about what should happen after its all over. But its not. Instead, it’s about how we got here; why this is happening. Most important, the changes we need to consider preventing this from happening again. You see, we’ve been found guilty and punished over the past several years. Our crime is not accepting what others think is in our best interest. A crime based on a difference in ideas alone. Ah, deplorables that we are—thank God.

A quick recap. So far, Biden’s already declared himself the president elect. Others are rushing in to steamroll this outcome and curry favor, including the media and pundits. Fair, balanced, and unafraid? Laughable. Various irregularities and fraud are coming to light in voting, results tabulation, processing ballots, and electronic changes to as many as several million ballots. An attempted coup, and when the time comes those participating and financing the effort must be fully brought to account. Those found guilty should experience the maximum penalty for their treason. It’s time for us to soberly and resolutely know what we believe and act accordingly.

One might wonder where God is in all of this, but that’s the wrong question. He’s where he’s always been and will be. The real question is why does man turn away? The answer once again is our pride and arrogance.

So How Did We Get Here?

The events leading up to this year have been in the making for 150 years or more. They include:

  • Moving away from God’s natural law to human positive law alone. This includes recognizing a purely secular form of natural law. These deny God’s authority and morality, leaving man to his own devices.
  • German influence on American Education beginning in the nineteenth century. Ideas from rights of man oriented philosophers such as Hegel, Kierkegaard, Heidegger and others. Ideas contributing to today’s critical theory.
  • The progressive movement and rise of the administrative state, starting with Woodrow Wilson’s administration and expanded by F. Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson.
  • Restrictions on the ability to recite America’s pledge of allegiance.
  • Removing school prayer and a year later Bible reading from school in the early 1960’s. However, cases limiting or removing the Bible go back to 1870 in Minor v. Board of Education. The moral principles found in the Bible were originally to be part of every citizen’s education, because these principles are crucial to any society’s success.
  • Legalized abortion came a decade later.
  • In 1979, creating the federal department of education which too began corrupting America’s schooling.

And it goes on. These efforts all have one thing in common. The intent is removing God from society, from every place where He is to be present. But has man’s nature changed? No. When what is righteous is removed, a vacuum is created that other things seek to fill. All of them bad.

The 2016 Election

The democratic party fully expected Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 election. The coronation was ready. The pundits, media, and donors had all done their parts. They even illegally spied on their opponent’s campaign to gain an advantage. Shock, anger, and disbelief surfaced when they lost. For over three years we saw repeated attempts to overturn that election. Why? Because, from their perspective, the right candidate didn’t win.

Since then we’ve seen fake news, a fake Russia hoax, and a fake impeachment. The real corruption has been among those like the Biden and Clinton families. Despite this resistance, the Trump administration achieved remarkable accomplishments. Tax relief, reducing the regulatory burden, record low unemployment levels for minorities and women, VA reform, supporting legal reforms and education funding improving black lives. There’s much more. All aimed at giving us more control over our life’s decisions—individual liberty. This approach is consistent with Biblical principles. Middle class and evangelical support for President Trump in 2016 prevented the democratic party from achieving its goal. They needed to remove that obstacle. Enter 2020.

The 2020 Pandemic

The democratic party took steps to prevent repeating 2016’s outcome. Allowing violence in democrat controlled areas by Black Lives Matter, Antifa and others. Advocating tools like critical theory further dividing society—in the name of a corrupt social justice. Our business, civic, and church leaders thundering silence and acceptance. Skewed polls and a media’s selective distortions, suppression, and omissions. Finally, ensuring enough votes were counted if all else failed. Current allegations include improper ballots, vote tallies, not allowing observer access, state officials improperly changing election law, etc. And last Friday, a news report suggested perhaps millions of votes were changed by two software programs. It may become necessary to throw out the results in some states, if the process is so bad that valid and invalid ballots cannot be identified and separated.

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Enter the virus. The China virus surfaced in late 2019 in Wuhan province. China shut down travel within its borders, but allowed travel to outside destinations. This helped the virus spread. In an unprecedented move, most state officials locked down their citizens and shut-down their economies. Quarantining the healthy, rather than the sick. And it continues to go on, even though we’ve not had an emergency for several months. While the virus is real, our response is not. What we now know suggests a few groups are highly susceptible, but for most it is no worse than any other flu. The covid fatality rate is roughly .2%.[1] So why the different approach this time? It is part of our punishment for the 2016 election result, a stormtrooper tactic designed to make us submit. All in the name of providing us ‘security’.

Repeating History

Archbishop Vigano believes organized forces lie behind these efforts. Forces attempting to bring about a new global order.[2] We’ve gone back to the early days of the Roman empire where a few elites thought they should rule. Their wealth, position, abilities, etc. gave them superior insights into ordering society.

But their ways all lead to man losing his God-given identity. They are unchristian. Within this ideology war is proper against those who will not submit to their betters. From their view, it is we who must submit. So, punishment is required for our transgressions until we submit to our new masters, or cast them out.

What Lies Ahead?

The left’s taken extreme steps to replace our republic with top down command and control governance. Call it socialism, progressivism, communism, or whatever. It’s all the same. All of it ungodly. Governance contrary to our purpose and nature. We must resist at all costs. What should we expect if these elitists win?

  • Increased pressure to accept the fraud and outcome. Unity calls from the media, pundits, officials, and others—such as the U.S. Catholic Bishops.
  • Continued shut-downs and lock-downs. Likely based on covid case numbers, which are meaningless. But reality no longer seems to matter.
  • Per Archbishop Vigano’s letter,[3] these forces offer universal income and debt cancellation. In exchange, you’d take specific covid vaccines. They’d abolish private property. Health passports would be issued with the vaccines. These would monitor your contact with others and be required for work or travel. Refusal would place you under house arrest or internment in re-education (detention) camps.
  • Losing your rights of free speech, religion, self-defense, and justice. All in exchange for a health security making billions for the self-proclaimed elite requiring them.
  • A few projected direct costs from this year’s state economy shut-downs include;[4]
    • 130 million additional people will starve this year as a result of the economic damage resulting from the lockdowns.
    • People stopped bringing their children in for immunizations against diseases like diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), and polio.
    • Large numbers of Americans, even though they had cancer and needed chemotherapy, didn’t come in for treatment.
    • In June of this year, a CDC survey found that one in four young adults between 18 and 24 had seriously considered suicide.

Marxism Stood on Its Head

Marxism is all about absolute power and control. But his theory was workers rising to take power from the elite. However, this revolution comes from a self-proclaimed elite attempting to enslave the working classes—including Christians. They believe they’ll succeed through their money, influence, and power.

Yes, they have money and whatever material things it can buy. They’ll also have influence over those who want their money, like the Biden and Clinton families. But power is something else. Power rests in us, and they will only get what we allow them to have. There are over 300 million Americans, but relatively few elites. They cannot achieve their goal without our support. It’s up to us. Our freedom is our responsibility. We were made free, but must stand and take steps to keep it.

Correcting Our Course

Quite simply, life as we’ve known it is at stake. Your individual liberty is at stake. The democratic party offers change contrary to both America’s founding and Biblical principles. There is no such thing as partial power. Either a government can change everything on a matter or absolutely nothing. The world government democrats support is akin to the Roman Empire. That government assumed power over everything.

The plebian (working) classes had their own laws and officials. But they were not citizens, nor were they allowed to participate in Rome’s governance. It’s back to the future.

So what can we do to turn things around? They are the same answers to every issue we face. Turn to God. Learn what He asks of us. This is done through study, reflection, prayer, and learning from others. Then go and do what you’ve learned. Stand for doing good. We have a powerful weapon. God is love. Love unites. The other side only hate, and hate divides. It’s weak and fragile. It never lasts. But light must be shown on the dark.

On a more practical level, add your voice. Peacefully demonstrate to show your support. Make sure we count only legal ballots. Contact your legislators. Let them know you’re watching and won’t accept less than what is right. Make yourself and others in your community visible. Tuesday’s election results were clear. It was only under cover of darkness that deception occurred. Time to shine the light.


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