D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.


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D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.
November 3, 1930 – September 5, 2007

Founder & Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church & Coral Ridge Ministries

James Kennedy died in 2007. He earned his Master of Divinity from Columbia Theological Seminary and his Ph.D. from New York University. He is survived by his wife of 51 years, Anne, and a daughter Jennifer. He was one of the most listened-to Christian ministers in the world. He served 47 years as Senior Minister of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It began as a small mission church in the 1950’s, and after his arrival in 1959 began to grow rapidly.

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Decision magazine named it one of the “Five Great Churches of North America.” Dr. Kennedy’s energetic commitment to evangelism and cultural renewal are seen in the four organizations he founded: Coral Ridge Ministries, Evangelism Explosion International, Knox Theological Seminary, and Westminster Academy.

Dr. Kennedy began his media outreach in 1974 with the mission of bringing the gospel to America and the world. It includes The Coral Ridge Hour, a weekly television program, Truths That Transform, a daily half-hour radio program, the award-winning website, www.coralridge.org, and other print and video resources.
James Kennedy was inducted into the National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2005.

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