December 5th and 6th: Taking Our Country Back with Free Market Warrior Loren Spivak

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“We’re not here to gripe, or whine, or throw tantrums as the forces of statism and socialism methodically destroy the last vestiges of freedom in America.  We’re here to learn and work and teach and retake control of our destiny. We know we’re right. And we want our country back.” – Loren Spivack

Free Market Warrior Loren Spivak is dedicated to teaching patriots how to do just that.


For example, can you explain why some tax cuts do absolutely nothing to stimulate the economy, while others provide a great stimulus? Were you taught that Roosevelt’s New Deal saved the country by intervening in the economy and “stimulating” demand? Would you be surprised to learn that the economic theories espoused by the current administration and congressional leaders were conclusively disproved more than 100 years ago?

Part I, Saturday, December 5th from 11:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
AND Part II (Part I Required), Sunday, December 6 from 6:00 p.m. until 9:30 p.m.
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Loren Spivack founded Free Market Warrior in 2009 in an effort to make a positive difference in American politics and economics.

Since then Loren has devoted his time to teaching conservative groups about free market economics. He conducts Economic Literacy seminars across the United States.

So far, Spivack has delivered his famous seminar on Economic Literacy to over 200 groups in 20 states.

41xC3vPZBCL. SX298 BO1204203200 Spivack is the author of The New Democrat a parody history of the Obama administration, based on a famous children’s book.61Il9NlmcHL. SX361 BO1204203200 With pitch-perfect rhyme and clever illustrations, The New Democrat transforms the political personalities of our times into cartoon characters in a conservative morality play.

Released in 2013, Spivack’s second book The Gorax is an anti-environmentalism/pro capitalism parody starring Al Gore and presenting his movement as a threat to American freedom and standard of living.

Once again Spivack is both funny and poignant as he makes the case that capitalism (represented by the “Onepercentler”) is the real victim of environmental extremists who destroy prosperity without achieving even their own goals. Along the way, Spivack takes well aimed shots at everything from the Federal Reserve to the teachers unions.

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