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Islam is not just a religion, but an ideology with a religious component. This ideology is not only contrary to our society’s foundations, but is incompatible with it. At its core is the notion that man is not by nature free; he is a slave. Freedom within Islam is the negation of a negative, it is what you have when you are not coerced – as its underlying tenet is submission. In short, man’s natural state is one in which he is coerced by those whose control he is under. Islam means ‘submission to the will of Allah.’ Submission is defined by Islam’s documents and doctrines.

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 System of Belief

Muhammad died in 632.  At his death there was no written Qur’an; in fact Qur’an means reading or recital.  When the Qur’an was collected, different codices were compiled and from those different variant verses created.  The Medinan codex was selected, and from the 8th to the 10th centuries clerics applied both reason and consensus in determining its contents and meaning, leading to seven variant readings – each with two different transmitters.

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Qur’an – Full and final revelation of God to man.

Hadith – A story.  Oral tradition later written down as to what Muhammad supposedly did, said, or approved of.  Second in authority to the Qur’an.

Sunna – Written traditions about Muhammad’s conduct, considered authoritative by Sunni Muslims and the basis for Shari’ a.

Sirat – Biographies of Muhammad’s life and actions.

Shari’ a – The path.  Code of Islamic jurisprudence

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  • The State is the lowest level of existence that matters on the Earth.  All exists to support the State.  Within Islam, the State is Allah’s Earthly representative and its role is to ensure the people’s compliance with Islam’s tenets.
  • Rights come from the State through the laws it enacts.  In Islam, this is through Shari’ a.
  • All are not equal, rather some are more equal than others. 
  • The Umma is the brotherhood of believers to which all Muslims belong.
    • o    Non-Muslim rights are limited.
    • o    Muslim women have fewer rights than men.
  • Our founding documents are transitory and to be replaced by Allah’s law – Shari’ a.

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  • The individual is the lowest level of existence that matters on the Earth.  We have a calling as both individuals and a People – God’s People.
  • Governance, rights, and law come from our God.  Human rights and law are to be consistent with God’s.
  • Government is elected by the People, and its primary function is to carry out justice.
  • We all share a common nature, so by nature all are equal. Period.
  • Our founding documents are perpetual and represent the proper relationship between God and man.

Some of its core beliefs

There are five pillars of Islam (belief, worship, almsgiving, fasting, and pilgrimage), and an unofficial sixth pillar of jihad – to be waged either peacefully or through warfare. They are required of all Muslims.

Some underlying tenets include:

  • Worship Allah alone
  • Daily prayer to Allah
  • Difference between believers and non-believers – Christians and Jews are less than Muslims
  • Christian doctrine in error
  • People of the Book (Jews and Christians) to be offered a chance for conversion
  • Fight until only Islam remains
  • That which advances Islam is good – expediency above morality
  • Islam replaces what was before it

What Can You Do?

This is primarily a spiritual battle that has Earthly implications.

Educate yourself. Our Founders believed education, religion, morality, and virtue to be the cornerstones for any successful society.

  • Answering Islam, Norman Geisler & Abdul Saleeb
  • Introduction to Islamic Theology and Law, Ignaz Goldziher
  • Do You Want To Be Free?, Dan Wolf

Pray. The battle is in the heart. Islam is fatalistic, without hope as your fate is predetermined. You can offer them a better way – hope.

Act. Understand the culture. Interact with members of your own sex. Reach out to your Muslim neighbors in love and charity.

Share your concerns. If you see something that doesn’t look right, say something. Reach out to your neighbors and elected officials. It’s your community.

In the end it is you who makes the difference.

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Dan Wolf is a researcher and analyst; examining complex, abstract topics. His writing’s premise is based on one simple idea. We do not receive the benefits of God’s gifts unless we are turned toward Him. Each generation needs to learn this lesson to pass on what’s important. What are those gifts? Freedom, faith, and grace among others. Our Founders considered education, religion, morality, and virtue to be the cornerstones for any successful society. Success requires an education in both the languages of reason and faith, reason alone is not enough. Unfortunately, our education system today no longer teaches what we need to be successful, so we risk losing our way. But it is not too late. In the end we each have the freedom to choose, and the ability to learn. There are many who have already blazed a trail for us; we only need the will to embrace the challenge and make the effort. Together we will restore the societal foundation that our Founder’s, and many after them, fought and died for. The choice is ours. My goal is to assist you on your way. I can be reached at His site is at: