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What signs of nature point to the soon return of Jesus Christ?

Find out with hosts Tim Moore and Nathan Jones on the television program, Christ in Prophecy!

Nathan Jones: Have you ever heard someone say, “May you live in interesting times?” Well, that backhanded blessing is said to be a traditional Chinese curse because interesting times bring great upheaval and uncertainty.

Tim Moore: While the source of that expression is in doubt. There is no doubt that we live in interesting times. Modern conveniences from automobiles to electricity, the jet travel to television have revolutionized the human experience in ways we take for granted. Modern medicine alone has extended the human lifespan by decades from what was typical just a few generations ago.

Nathan Jones: And yet, not all the changes have been positive. We have moral and spiritual challenges and failings that our forebears could not imagine. They explosion of pornography, callous treatment of human life, both the unborn and the age, and an endorsement of mind altering illicit drugs are just some of the trends that would shock our ancestors. And what in the world would they think over the confusion over gender that has infected our society?

Tim Moore: Obviously, well, we could talk for weeks about the alarming indicators that something is terribly amiss in the world today. When I first came to Lamb & Lion Ministries over eight years ago, Dr. David Reagan charged me with delivering one primary message. While our mission is to proclaim the soon return of Jesus Christ, I was told to emphasize the signs of the times. That is because the explosion of prophetic signs all around us proves that we are living in the season of the Lord’s return. The imminence of the Rapture and the urgency of embracing Jesus Christ as Savior and honoring Him as Lord cannot be overstated. In the months to come, we are going to bring you six different episodes that highlight the six categories of signs Dr. Reagan identified years ago: signs of nature, signs of society, Spiritual signs, signs of technology, signs of world politics, and signs of Israel.


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