Faith, Football and Coach Ron Brown


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Using sports as a parable to teach young people about who they can become when they surrender their lives to Christ, Coach Brown is on his game when it comes to football. 

 He’s tough, demanding and prepared.

He’s Coach Ron Brown who for years has used the game of football to raise up young men of stature, humility and strength of character through faith in Jesus Christ. Using sports as a parable to teach young people about who they can become when they surrender their lives to Christ, Coach Brown is on his game when it comes to football.

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For him, football is so much more than just winning a game, a season, a championship.

He currently serves as Associate Head Coach/Running Backs for Liberty University after a long career at Nebraska.

Off the field, Brown and former Husker Stan Parker are co-founders and co-directors of a statewide Christian ministry called Mission Nebraska.

The ministry stewards MY BRIDGE RADIO, which consists of numerous Christian radio stations and translators across Nebraska. Brown spends much of his time challenging and inspiring men and boys to take a strong, courageous Christian stand in the public square across America.

Brown spent the four years prior to his return to coaching serving as the Nebraska State Director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (2004-07). After returning to coaching, Brown has continued as a regular columnist for FCA’s national magazine “Sharing the Victory.”

During his time away from coaching, Brown also worked as an internet, television and radio college and high school analyst for ESPN and Sports Spectrum.

He has authored several books on Christian character and growth. He is an outspoken advocate on many issues, including adoption, abstinence and drug and alcohol education, race relations and anti-pornography, to name a few. 


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