First, We Must Stop the Bleeding


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This is no time for Onlookers

J. Jeff Toler | Shenandoah Christian Alliance

On August 13 and 14, Understanding the Times and Shenandoah Christian Alliance will have the privilege of attending the Christian Education Initiative (CEI) Christian Leadership Strategy Summit. We are excited about the prospect of engaging in something that is now long overdue: to take our understanding of these very times, and prepare to engage the enemy of man in the spiritual battle of the age.

Most all of the readers of this broadcast each week know we are in a true mess. I am reminded of this anecdote from some years ago.

I was hired to replace another art director who made the fateful decision to leave a division of Hitachi Ltd. for another one. Few seemed to know this division had been hemorrhaging millions of dollars each month. By the January after the World Trade Center attack, that division president was terminated—along with many others in the company, including the man I replaced. Headquarters sent a his replacement, who met with all of his new employees. He described the situation as a bad traffic accident, and expected all of us to help with the triage. Then he said, “First, we must stop the bleeding.” 

America, and by extension all of her public schools, are like a serious traffic accident. People are bleeding from a collision of two opposing worldview: tyranny and liberty. Education is little more than indoctrination by committed Marxists and their sycophants—publicly educated teachers and administrators. It may or may not be too late to save our students, but if we don’t try it would be nothing less than a sin. CEI certainly agrees.

A letter from E. Ray Moore, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the CEI:

When Christian Education Initiative (CEI) was formed in 2019, it was a year before the Covid-19 virus motivated government shutdowns. Our coming together to form this alliance in order to share resources, ideas and talents has made a huge difference in providing better opportunities for biblical education in America. Each member/member organization of CEI has a focus that God has put before them, and together we cover a wide spectrum of the Christian education sector.

While there were concerns and real problems in 2019, what we are seeing today with secular education being exposed for the empty shell that it is, and opportunities for education based on the revealed and created truth of God is far beyond any imagined scenario when we formed our CEI alliance. Given the gravity of the situation we now face, and the enormous opportunities laid in front of us, it seems we have to specifically address the war that is at our doorsteps, with its challenges and hopes. Paul Craig Roberts, economist, and Reagan Assistant Secretary of Treasurer, recently posted an article on Lew Rockwell about Woke as used today, to which a scholarly friend replied,

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“Here’s my own understanding of ‘woke’ at its deepest, as I’ve managed to pick it up here and there: The forever elimination of all semblance of rules for behavior that might contain even a tinge of Scriptural moral authority.

Woke is not about equity, inclusion, diversity, fairness, race, gender, ethnicity, sex, male/female or trading capitalism for socialism. Those are part of the tactics.”

“The strategy as I understand it comes down simply to be ‘a war to the death of God,’ using the best sociopathic and psychopathic weaponry that certain elements of mankind are capable of concocting and deploying.” 

“The US is plummeting headlong to perdition partly because of dedication by these ‘certain elements’ to media, education, entertainment, and politics-generated pro-woke propaganda. The louder the propaganda, the more an educationally and spiritually dumbed down public believes and accepts it.”

“Our age then can reasonably be scheduled to end, as T. S. Eliot put it, ‘Not with a bang, but with a whimper.’”

“However, that’s not the way God has it planned. He expects His people to resist and find our voice again. This generation of His, needs to get started soon. Starting with the Church. If the Church feels like it. So far it hasn’t felt like it.”

CEI believes all of us know that the root cause of the mess we find ourselves in is from the education system of the past 170 years. We allowed God and His Word to ever so gradually be replaced with Secularism as the foundation of learning. With the cultural Marxists moving their education center, the Frankfurt School, to America in the 1930s, they simply began steering an already weakened school system to a system of preparing youth for a Socialist nation. Today we have to say they appear to have won. They have turned our nation into a WOKE people. 

If God will forgive our negligence and grant us a window of time to correct our waywardness, it will have to begin where we lost our way, education. It seems that perhaps, by His providential care, CEI was birthed just for this purpose. It is our conviction that we must now present ourselves as that group of people who has been positioned to lead the way. Someone, some group, will have to prepare a plan, present it to Christians and lead in the battle. We firmly believe that CEI is that group. If not by us, then who? If not now, then when?

  • “So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.” (Ephesians 4:11-13)

We can and we must do no less for Christ’s sake, and for our children. By His blood we are saved. We must serve. As Christians, we are more than conquerers. The enemy has no power over the Church. (Romans 8:31-39



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