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I think we have some difficult times ahead; the economy, inflation, supply chain disruptions, more mask and shot mandates, and likely shutdowns all loom in our future. So how do we not only survive, but thrive in the face of these obstacles?

Remember Who We Are

As Christians, we’ve voluntarily given ourselves to God. He is our King. Our goal is to join Him in His kingdom—that is, Heaven. We are spiritual beings here for a short-time on earth.

As we’ve freely given ourselves to God, Heaven is our native country. Therefore, we are His ambassadors while here on the earth. Consider, we are a single people. We share one common set of rights coming from God (natural rights), and a commitment to the common good. We are to love Him and our fellow man.

The natural rights we share are His gifts to us. They include:

  • Not having our life taken from us
  • Loving God
  • Not denied learning what is required of us while here, and then doing the same
  • Having children
  • Not have the fruit of our labor taken from us
  • Not denied assembling and communicating with each other to carry all this out
  • Fulfilling our purpose
  • Not deprived justice

We only realize these right’s benefits when turned toward their source—God. Each right is given to us in love and thereby incurs a moral obligation on our part when we accept them.

Being a People

As Christians, we not only share a single set of rights and commitment to the common good, but we also;

  • Speak the same language (the Word)
  • Profess the same doctrines
  • Are under the same government
  • Share in one society, one body politic
  • Recognize and submit ourselves to the same moral law
  • Share the same purpose
  • Are subject to the same King

This nation is open for all to join. From Jonathan Edwards. “So now is there free liberty to any to come and join themselves to this nation, and they shall be received and admitted to the same rights and privileges, and be in all respects treated as the same people … This nation is governed by the most wise and righteous laws … This nation is a free people. The happy government under which they live, is most consistent with freedom; it does not in the least infringe upon the liberty of the subject, there is nothing like slavery within the kingdom of God. The law of this nation is a law of liberty … There is not a nation that dwell in such love and peace as this holy nation enjoys. The happiness of a people very much consists in its peace; a nation is never more miserable than when it is rent by civil wars, or disturbed by intestine broils.”[1] This last is what we’ve seen in America in recent years. And it’s been purposely created. It is immoral and illegitimate. Hold that for just a moment.

Being an Ambassador

We said earlier we are ambassadors. What does that mean? Regardless of who an ambassador is, or where they live, they have some things in common. They live in a foreign country, but represent their native land. They are to learn the foreign lands culture, ways, and laws; but remain loyal to their native country and King. They also present their King’s views to the foreign land. Finally, they communicate what they learn to their fellow ambassadors and King. These are also all requirements for living a Christ centered life.

The bottom line is an ambassador advances their native country’s cause in the foreign land they happen to occupy.

Turning the Other Cheek

How does this relate to todays topic? Matthew 5:38-40 provides an illustration for how one acts in the face of immoral or illegitimate authority. One our culture has largely forgotten.

The Roman Empire relied on pagan principles, just like the evil seeking to transform today’s world. All were not equal by nature, rather some were more equal than others. There was a class structure and different groups possessed different rights and obligations. Some groups were viewed as superior. If one disobeyed authority in pagan culture, they would likely be beaten or struck. The proper behavior was for the person struck to bow, kneel, or prostrate yourself. This was a sign they recognized and submitted to the other’s authority.

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Christ rebuked that approach, but also did not call for violence as was typical during this time. Instead He said to stand and offer the other cheek. In other words, to stand and neither submit nor recognize immoral or illegitimate authority. All earthly power comes from God. It is to be used for moral and legitimate purposes.

All who serve the people having either political or religious power are God’s servants. (Rom. 13:4-10) They are to possess good character (Titus 1:6-8, Judges 9:8-15) Those with governance authority are to execute impartial justice. (Psalm 99:4-5, Lev. 19:15-6, and Zech. 7:9-10) They are also to support the common good as there is to be only a single people within the land. (Isa. 10:1-2) Finally, they are to come from the people, be elected by the people, to serve the people. (Deut. 1:13-8) This was so at the Roman Empire’s fall within both the political and religious spheres of power. It was far from perfect, but at least the direction was correct.

Living in America Today

We’ve seen the rise of pagan ideology in America today. Its fruits are concepts like mandates, critical theory, and liberation theology. They are immoral, illegitimate, and often illegal, uses of power. Often done in the name of safety or security. Breaking news; we are primarily responsible for our own safety and security. No one else.

Virginia’s governor recently announced all executive branch employees and contractors must show proof of taking the shot or submit to weekly testing.[2] In addition, students will have to wear masks at school again this year.[3] These are mandates. Some states are enacting similar mandates. Finally, the federal government is also likely to announce related mandates as well. But let’s look at the facts underlying the mandates, shall we.

Plandemic Facts

Here are just a few facts related to this past year’s outbreak.

  • No one, including the Center for Disease Control (CDC), has been able to isolate and provide a sample of the virus.
  • The CDC has admitted the PCR tests are unable to distinguish between the flu virus and the China virus. This test was used to justify last year’s mandates.
  • The number of cycles for the PCR tests were increased up to forty, resulting in a false positive rate of 97%.
  • The covid survival rate is over 99.5%.
  • There were no substantial changes in the number of overall deaths in 2020, and about half of the virus related deaths occurred in just five states who housed covid patients in long-term care facilities. Putting some of the most vulnerable members of our society at risk.
  • The science, and common sense, say masks don’t work, and harm the health of those wearing them for extended periods of time.
  • The covid tests contain EO (Ethylene Oxide). This is a dangerous carcinogen linked to neurological disorders.
  • The spike protein in the shots is the toxin, not the vaccine.[4] In addition, over 99% of the shot ingredients is graphene oxide, an industrial chemical poisonous to humans also linked to neurological and other disorders.
  • Lockdowns don’t work, but do destroy businesses, lives, and communities.
  • Safe effective treatments for the virus existed before the outbreak, and were deliberately withheld from the public. This resulted in the needless deaths of hundreds of thousands in America alone.

What Do We Do?

Making good choices requires several things. First, knowing what is good and what is evil. Knowing how to tell the difference. Second, discerning between good and evil. This requires doing—in a word, practice. Third, having the will to act and do what is right.

The previous section’s facts show the actions related to the China virus were immoral and illegitimate. Many were also illegal. The relied on deception and fraud. They resulted in the deaths of many; some actions were violations of the Nuremburg Code[5] as well as American law. These actions were wrong. They are evil.

So what do we do? We follow Christ’s example. We learn the facts. Then discern whether something is good or bad. If it is bad, we simply stand and say no. Demand I wear a mask? NO. Demand I take a covid test? NO. Demand I take a shot? NO. It is your right.

These mandates aren’t yet forced actions, but instead deny you certain things. This could be going someplace like certain businesses, even churches or your job. We have the power to end the madness, all by simply standing together and saying no to it. I recently saw a sign that said it all. It simply stated, “You comply because you want it to end, but because you comply it will never end.” Further, they are giving us grounds for class action lawsuits, a very effective weapon as well.

At noon next Wednesday, August 11, Defending the Republic has proclaimed a Stand Up for Freedom event.[6] A simple peaceful protest against the businesses and schools supporting the recent mandates. Please consider getting a group together to protest and pray outside these businesses and schools. Or better yet, maybe the state, county or city government offices allowing them. They too are culpable.


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