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Letter Written by Carolyn Dunn Berry to the Editor of Richmond Times-Dispatch

All my life, which is nearly three-fourths of a century, I have heard and believed that this great country of ours was founded on religious freedom as a Christian nation – not freedom from religion, but freedom OF religion. Our founding fathers held meetings in churches and drafted many of our documents in churches. So, the article on the front page of today’s Times-Dispatch entitled “Henrico Board Ceases Prayer” was most disappointing. It seems our officials cannot take a stand for right.

Nation_Under_GodWhen I was growing up, we had prayers, devotions, reading of scriptures and the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag in our schools. Now, there is no prayer in schools; however, teachers are required to excuse their students of the Muslim faith several times during the day to go and pray to their God. We, who are Christian, are not allowed to refer to Christmas because it is the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. That time is now referred to as a winter break or holiday. In the spring, the same is true for Easter, which is now referred to as spring break. No longer are the Ten Commandments allowed to be posted in schools or other public places. No longer are the children allowed to read scriptures or have a devotional time in school. What has this accomplished? It is creating havoc and lawlessness and a blatant disregard for authority and respect for our fellow citizens. In leaving God out of our lives, this nation is basically becoming Godless and Socialistic. This is a far cry from what our founding fathers had in mind when this country was established.

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People have come here from other countries and their cultures are quite different from ours but they knew that when they came here. Now it seems that everyone wants us to conform to their ideals and customs and we should discard those things we regard as precious. The more we given in and give up, the better they like it. There are still many Christians in this country and it is time we all take a stand lest we lose all our freedom. Basically, too, we should realize that our God is very disappointed in our apathy and we don’t know when He will decide to come again and we need to give an accounting of ourselves to Him for our actions or inaction. Please read your Bible and know that historically things have not bode well for those that disobey Him. Let us take up the banner for Christ and let others know that we will NOT desert our belief in the God that created us but will love and proclaim Him until He comes again. Bring back the prayers and scriptures in the schools and at public meetings. He will be with us and bless our nation once again.

Carolyn Dunn Berry
Henrico, Virginia

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