It’s Not About Politics – It’s About Our Nation’s Moral Compass


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Today we have become the generation of Christians in the United States who are observing the surrender of our Judeo-Christian society to a world of Humanistic values. The decline of moral values and escalating instability over the last seventy years is now impossible to ignore. Movies are increasingly more violent and sexually explicit, “News” programs, with few exceptions, are viewed through a Secular Humanist prism. The mass media along with the U.S. government have now become the major enemies of the American family.

The public school system has become another outlet for anti-Christian propaganda to be transmitted to our children, removing all related words such as “God, the Ten Commandments, prayer and bible reading”. Anything in our history that relates to Christian values, activities or personalities is being removed or not addressed at all. Many schools are teaching our children that homosexuality is normal and a lifestyle to be desired. Some elementary schools are considering the distribution of condoms for 11 year olds, with minimal objection from leaders in the Christian Church.

Continuing efforts are being made to eliminate all teaching of American history in public schools before the year 1883. The resulting breakdown of patriotism in large segments of our younger population is causing stress both in our economy and our national security.

A major concern of people in my age group is the apparent lack of concern by Pastors and church leaders about what our young people are being taught or not taught and the need of local churches to begin after-school programs to help remedy the situation.

Activists can now rewrite laws in a pen stroke by taking issues to court where a Humanist judge is in office and favorably disposed to their point of view. The Christian church, which has been the social and spiritual institution implementing Judeo-Christian value standards in our society has been deceived by the propaganda of the Left, namely that “Christians should not be involved in politics”.

Obviously, politics is one of the most significant areas where our spiritual enemy is working today. By not being involved in ‘politics’ Christians must know they have deserted the Spiritual battle of the ages. Is it coincidental the problems we now encounter in politics in America began during this same period the Christians deserted the battlefield? Let me illustrate to you the deception of our enemy. 

Listed below are just a few of the major issues that divide America today: abortion for any reason, embryonic stem cell research, income redistribution, divorce for any reason, homosexual ‘rights’ and the right for homosexuals to ‘marry’, government financing of Planned Parenthood, separation of Church and State, hate crimes, removal of parental rights of children in public schools, the United States Supreme Court consistently removing parental rights while re-interpreting the “Meaning of the Constitution” and always to the detriment of the American family (no prayer, no bible reading, no mention of God in school classes or on campus), the incompetence of the U.S. Congress’s dealing with the U.S. economy, the U.S. government’s new belligerence toward Israel.

How many of these issues are totally political? How many of these issues are MORAL? What is the difference? They are ALL Moral and as such their resolution requires a SPIRITUAL solution. 

Worldly politicians insist these moral issues are ‘political’ to ensure that Christians will not become engaged in these issues because they have been labeled ‘political’. 

Church leaders and Pastors also tell me that even though these issues are moral but are labeled ‘political’ they don’t want to be involved in a fight that could possibly be interpreted as Politics. Many of these people say, “We are only called to preach the Gospel”. ALL of us are called to preach the Gospel. But that does not remove our responsibility to engage these spiritual issues as part of our ministry and our daily walk with God. In fact, we are told that we are ‘salt’ and ‘light’ in the world. What kind of ‘salt’ and ‘light’ can we really be when we are so unmoved and detached from a culture that has butchered 50 million of our own babies (one sixth of our population) and disbanded 50 million families through divorce and disrupted 100 million young lives directly affected by those divorces. Let’s review, 50 million babies killed in 37 years plus 50 million divorces, plus 100 million kids from those divorces, added together we have 200 million people or 66% of the United States population whose lives were either terminated or physically or psychologically negatively affected, and the Church thinks it should not be involved? SHAME on us! 

Our next generation is the major concern for today’s Christians and I believe that generation will not stand a chance of living a normal Christian life without a massive repentance, rethinking and restructuring of America’s Christian Church. This is the major concern of old timers like us. 

America is witnessing a massive transfer of legal power from “We the People” to others with a value structure programmed to destroy both our Christian faith and the United States of America. Our present culture is systematically dismantling America’s 400 year old Judeo-Christian value structures without any appearance of a united Christian response.

The most important and influential people in our society are pastors and church leaders. The Christian church has the potential to change the landscape of our society for the better. Through prayer and a united vision, a Christian nation dedicated to the Word of God and united together with all who name Jesus as savior can change the direction of our society to the glory of God. 

Christians in America are looking for national leadership from those who can best provide a wholesome direction for our families and culture. Christian pastors, we need you, not in the back or the middle, but in the front!

In 1776, America had 1/3 of the population supporting the British, 1/3 supported the revolution and 1/3 was undecided. The revolution was successful because the pastors were able to persuade those undecided that theirs was a moral issue. People understand morality. Few understand politics

Pastors, the issues are 100% moral, not political. Will you join us to help save our great nation and our Christian heritage? Are we wrong in looking to you for spiritual and cultural leadership?

I have some questions to ask of you: 

  1. Do you believe that the American Church has failed in its responsibility to be salt and light in the world?
  2. Do you believe that without the direct intervention of God in the affairs of our nation, it will cease to have any resemblance of its former Christian character within a very short time?
  3. How long will it be possible for the Christian message to continue being preached to the entire world, when 90% of the financial support for missions comes from this nation that is even now spiritually, economically, and culturally imploding?
  4. Finally, “What will you change as leaders in your various areas of responsibility?” Will you leave here the same as you came, or will you help lead us in this latter day battle for the future of our little ones, the next generation, the Christian Church and America itself?

Thank you for listening. God bless you all.

stanweb1Stanley B. Treleaven serves as a Board Member for the Virginia Christian Alliance.

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