January 16th Rally, Richmond, Va 4 pm Stop the Shots, Let Freedom and Liberty Ring

stop the shots

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Monday, January 16th, at 4 pm at the Capitol Bell Tower in Richmond

Please share this email with all your friends and family. We need thousands to fill the Capitol Square in Richmond, Virginia to send a message that we stand unified against the toxic and experimental Covid jabs.

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Join the Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance, Dr. Robert Malone, Defeat the Mandates, Virginia-Karen Reardon, Sen. Amanda Chase, Matt Strickland,
most importantly those who have been injured by the Covid-19 jabs and others at the Bell Tower

STOP THE SHOTS, LET FREEDOM AND LIBERTY RING will bring Virginians together to make their voices heard. Link arms and lift your voices as we work to encircle the Capitol with thousands of people announcing that WE THE PEOPLE will not be bullied into any toxic shot. We will not allow our children to be the mandated recipients of a dangerous biologic agent. 

Our Constitution was written in a time of a crisis for times of crises. It was written to keep the government in check. It was written to preserve our freedoms and prevent tyrannical government. The rights of the citizens were to be preserved because the Founders knew that freedom was the means to solving man’s problems: the freedom to worship God, the freedom to use repurposed medications, the right to bodily autonomy, and the freedom to assemble as peaceful people to make our voices heard by the government.

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The Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance stands for everyone’s medical freedom and right to bodily autonomy.  Unelected bureaucrats who failed us during the pandemic and continue to fail the people of Virginia should not be in charge of dictating what goes into your body. The government should not make healthcare decisions for you or your family. We will not stand for a toxic and experimental shot or any jab by coercion. 

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Please join us as we tell our elected officials that the government or businesses shall not violate the bodily autonomy of anyone in Virginia.

We are asking every man, woman and child to join us as we make history in Richmond by filling the space at the Bell Tower and surrounding Capitol Square to say NO to any toxic shot, NO mandated shots for our children and NO shots mandated by the government, any business, school or employer in the Commonwealth.

VAMFA is encouraging everyone to arrive early and meet with members of the General Assembly.  Tell them they must strip the Commissioner of Health of the power to dictate shots for our children and prevent private businesses and schools from doing likewise. We must restore freedom to Virginia for each other and for future generations.  Please register for this event and see additional details at https://vamfa.org.

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