WEF Globalists: Davos: War, Economic Collapse, New Virus and the Four Horsemen

four horsemen

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WEF globalists meeting in Davos next week warn of war, economic collapse, ‘new virus’: Are the Four Horsemen ready to ride?

What happens when the peasants can’t afford bread, and the circuses aren’t all that entertaining?

Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge examines that question with regard to Davos elites who are huddling this coming week, January 16-20, under the banner of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum.

Nothing good can come of such circumstances and the elites know it.

The WEF cult looks at the current global volatility and worries about “catastrophic outcomes.”

Durden writes:

“Which is why the cost-of-living crisis is the #1 problem, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report – an annual poll of 1,200 government, business and civil society professionals.”

According to the poll, there will be little respite from “energy inflation, food and security crises” in the coming years.

In the near term, nearly 70 percent of those polled say volatile economies and various “shocks” are in the cards, while about 20 percent say they fear “catastrophic outcomes” within the next 10 years, according to Bloomberg.

This is the “angrier world” that the WEF warned about at its 2022 meeting.

But now the stakes are higher because more of us regular folks are waking up and learning about the true agenda of the WEF’s Great Reset and Fourth Industrial Revolution. They intend to digitally enslave the world in a total surveillance state based on a global digital ID (likely disguised as vaccine passports) and a global digital currency to replace cash.

The agenda for this year’s meeting includes topics ranging from cryptocurrencies, racism, climate, artificial intelligence, and major “structural changes” to the internet, likely involving new ways to control and shut down content they don’t like.

The globalists are so worried about angry protesters at this year’s Davos meeting that soldiers from the Swiss Army have been hired to protect participants from harassment.

The Swiss Defense Department released a statement on January 6 confirming the Federal Assembly, the country’s Parliament, had approved the deployment of the Swiss Army, according to a report by the German-language news outlet Blick.

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Last year, you’ll recall, the thugs hired to provide security at Davos detained and harassed conservative journalist Jack Posobiec for several hours. We later discovered that those “security guards” were actually Swiss Army soldiers, as the WEF contracted with the Swiss government to provide up to 5,000 soldiers for WEF annual meetings from 2022 through 2024.

As the world wakes up to Klaus Schwab and his WEF cult members, the event has now taken drastic measures to counter expected protest rallies. At least two requests for protest rallies had been submitted to the city of Davos as of last Friday, Blick reports.

Saadia Zahidi, the WEF managing director, told Bloomberg that the world may be entering a “vicious cycle,” stating:

“Very few leaders in today’s generation have been through these kind of traditional risks around food and energy, while at the same time battling what’s coming up in terms of debt, what’s coming up in terms of climate. We’re going to need a sort of new type of leadership that is much more agile.” (emphasis mine)

How quaint that the WEF elites take it upon themselves to decide what type of “leadership” we plebs need at any given moment in history. Far be it from us to believe we should be able to elect our own leaders.

Here’s what Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had to say about the arrogance of the WEF.

Durden writes:

“Next week will mark the annual WEF conference in Davos, Switzerland, where the global elite will sit around and discuss how best to run our lives.”

The WEF bemoans the current economic reality in its Global Risks Report, ignoring the fact that most of the economic problems were caused by the very elites who now propose to have the solutions. The report states that the gathering in Davos commences at a time when “inflation is at a four-decade-high across many advanced economies, with interest rates far more elevated than anyone was predicting 12 months ago.”

The report goes on to call for more global cooperation, and warns that if governments mishandle the current crisis they “risk creating societal distress at an unprecedented level, as investments in health, education and economic development disappear, further eroding social cohesion.”

Increases in military expenditure could reduce support for vulnerable households, the report states, leaving some countries in a “perpetual state of crisis” and set back the urgent need to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss.

Oh, God forbid that we should fail to address “climate change.”

The worst case scenario, according to the report, is the risk of “geoeconomic warfare” in which geopolitical rivalries are likely to increase economic tensions, exacerbating both short and long-term risks. 

Zahidi concludes:

“In this already toxic mix of known and rising global risks, a new shock event, from a new military conflict to a new virus, could become unmanageable. Climate and human development therefore must be at the core of concerns of global leaders to boost resilience against future shocks.”

Human development? Please. These are the same globalist predators that brought us the Wuhan bioweapon, the fake vaccines used to spread it, and the rampant inflation and food shortages, even as they are confiscating farmland from Dutch farmers and banning needed nitrogen fertilizers. But we are supposed to believe they care about the “human development?”

It does, however, sound as though the WEF cartel, which operates like a global mafia for the wealthy and well-connected, has set in motion a chain of catastrophic events that are about to converge, leading them to question whether anyone is qualified to contain the damage. This disaster of their own making could spin out of control in 2023 and now they’re bemoaning the lack the proper “leadership” to deal with it. Could this be the perfect scenario for a strong global leader that the globalists potentially already have waiting in the wings?

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