July 11, Richmond, Va – One-Day seminar on the US Constitution


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306f1909-33f0-4f7f-89e6-aa4455e60215“MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FROM LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.” Hosea 4:6

Join us on Saturday, July 11th, 2015 for a one-day seminar on the US Constitution at Virginia Christian Alliance in Richmond, Virginia. 

The Seminar begins promptly at 9:00 am and concludes at 6:00 pm. Tuition includes a 150-page student workbook, pocket Constitution, and boxed lunch, details below.

We do NOT live in a Democracy!*

Pastors and Church Leaders,

This seminar will teach you how the U.S. Constitution affects and protects your religious freedoms. Because we as the Church do not know nor understand our Constitution, it is increasingly used against the church.

In addition to class materials, attendees will receive a copy of Protecting Your Ministry from Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Lawsuits from Alliance Defending Freedom.

*Many Americans are surprised to learn this, having been taught just the opposite in school.  In a democracy your rights are determined by the 51%.  If you don’t happen to be part of that 51%, then you are probably out of luck.  In our Constitutional republic, however, the rights of minorities are as equally protected (or should be) as those of the majority.  That’s the beauty of living under a Constitution; it is the great “equalizer.”

Hosea proclaims: “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”  It was true when written and it is just as true today.  Not understanding the Constitution can be just as destructive as a failure to understand God’s Word, because rights unknown are rights not asserted; and in our era of ever-expanding government power, the people must be vigilant to infringements to their rights, whether by the EPA, the IRS, or an errant Supreme Court decision.

  • Tuition fee is only $30 for reservations made prior to 3pm on Monday July 6, and $40 for reservations made after 3pm on July 6 is $40.
  • Tuition includes a 150-page student workbook, pocket Constitution, and boxed lunch.

Please make checks payable to Constitution Leadership Initiative.

Payment (cash or check) will be accepted on the day of the class, or can be mailed to Virginia Christian Alliance at the address below.

Seating is limited; for reservations, contact

Lisa Everington at (804) 261-1570, or lisa@vachristian.org 

Gary Porter at (757) 867-9120, gary@constitutionleadership.org.

Virginia Christian Alliance
8659 Staples Mill Road
Henrico, VA 23228 
(804) 261-1570

 Constitutional Leaderships Initiative

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