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Return of the Idiocracy laid out the case for the lies and deceit surrounding the China virus, and some steps we can take as individuals to address them. Each lie has become more preposterous than the one before it. It is time to end it. All we have to do is say “No”.

Government officials have the responsibility to protect those they’ve sworn to serve. Those in the medical and health professions have the same. Those in business have a responsibility to produce and a safe and effective product. All of this has been violated, and they will be held accountable. They can maybe soften some of what’s coming by simply speaking up and starting to do the right things again. I believe it will soon be too late.

So What Have Been Some of the Lies?

Below is a brief list of just some of the more significant lies. Many in the media, health care professional, and government have been complicit. In addition, we also have all the lies produced by many of these same people concerning the 2020 election fraud. If you don’t think that happened at this point, you need to pull your head from the sand. The evidence is overwhelming. And if many of our officials weren’t in some way involved, there would be a greater push to get honest answers. But those too will come as well.

  • The virus didn’t come from a lab in China.
  • The U.S. government, and some of its agencies, did not pay for the research to create the virus.
  • The virus occurred naturally.
  • There was no drug serum (vaccine) before the virus outbreak.
  • The masks are effective and do no harm.
  • There were no safe and effective treatments for the virus when it began.
  • It was unknown the PCR test couldn’t identify the virus, and any of its ‘variants’.
  • There is a covid-19 virus. (Courts in Canada and Japan are still waiting to receive a sample. It has yet to be produced.)
  • There is a new test that will identify the virus and its variants.
  • The drug serums given as vaccines are safe and effective.
  • The 2020 election was the securest we’ve ever had.

The Support

That last year’s pandemic was planned has been known since 2020.


That the spike protein in these drug serums is a synthetic pathogen and is creating the ‘variants’ is also known.


Although we still do not have the Maricopa county forensic audit results, we do have those from the vote canvassing that was recently completed.


The canvass indicates over 300,000 fraudulent votes. A copy of the full canvassing report is available here. The organization plans to canvas all counties in all 50 states. You can help to prefill some of the data here. They will not ask who you voted for, but about how (or if) you voted. They will also ask for contact information to identify your county and who on the voter roll has been contacted.

We would appreciate your donation.

Why Does It Matter?

We have natural rights coming from God. They are few, but powerful. These rights are all negative, meaning they are intended to repel us from doing evil.[1] These include the rights not to have our;

  • life taken from us
  • voice in selecting our leaders taken from us
  • ability to practice our religion taken from us
  • power to assemble and communicate taken from us
  • ability to earn a living, or keep the fruit thereof, taken from us

Violating these rights violates God’s law. Time for this to end. The year is 1776 all over again, and we must restore what we’ve allowed to become lost. It all begins by saying no, no more. It also begins by holding those accountable for their decisions. That is the virtue of justice.

It is time to begin doing what is right again, and that means starting to think for oneself. Self-governing means exactly that, and each of us in the end is responsible.

A New Declaration

Earlier this week, a group put out a new Declaration of the People of the United States. I believe it to be a well-intentioned document. Even though I would have simply reaffirmed our existing Declaration of Independence. I think at some level the writers of this new document would agree. After all, they simply updated the earlier document to point out today’s enemies and the current events repeating the original 28 grievances the colonists had against the British government.

A copy of this new declaration can be found at;


What We Can Do

We can write a letter to our state delegate and senator that; (1) we know what is happening, and (2) demand they make reforms and corrections as they are obligated to do, thereby serving rather than allowing harm coming to their constituents.

I would suggest sending an open email to all state delegates and senators. The list for Virginia delegates can be found here, and the senators here. I pray they each receive millions of emails, as they should. You might even ask for the hand counting of paper ballots for elections. Feel free to voice your opinion on each of the document’s subjects, and add your own. You have a voice, and it is time to use it. The relevant portion from the new declaration is below.

New Declaration Extract

Action to take today is that each person in each state write a letter addressed to each state representative, legislator, and senator demanding the reforms and corrections to change via new legislature the laws needed to eliminate specific corruption in the state government protecting its state residence. 

Specifically addressing the following issues:

1.) Real voting technology that cannot be compromised. Such as the QFS delivery software and hardware instead of the dominion based systems.

2.) Protection of our individual liberties such as the right to choose what medical treatments are acceptable and not acceptable such as the issues of the unwanted COVID-19 vaccines. This shot contains many elements that will compromise the human DNA with mRNA and HIV as well as other negative elements.

3.) Compensation and liability for harm against those whom have been coerced into taking the COVID 19 vaccination via Mass Media Influence and Federal Government Influence as well as mandates with illegal passage of the use of the Vaccine approvals from the FDA and other federal agencies all influenced by that agenda of the globalist oligopolist cabal organizations such as the Federal Reserve Board (FRB), United Nations (UN), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Department of Justice (DOJ), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Bank of International Settlements (BIS), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and any other agency or group that have influence in the affairs of the people of the United States that have assaulted our own individual freedom and liberties in the pursuit of happiness.

4.) Removing all restrictions and to stop promoting fear concerning COVID-19 and any other medical issues to control and destroy our individual liberties to work, earn and spend which is the basis of a healthy economy.


Each natural right we receive from God comes with a corresponding moral duty. Those duties rest with each of us as individuals and collectively as a people. It is time we reassert both.

God’s speed to us all.


[1] Wolf, Dan, A Handbook of Natural Rights, Living Rightly Publications, 2018. https://www.amazon.com/Handbook-Natural-Rights-Dan-Wolf/dp/0998756733/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=dan+wolf+a+handbook+of+natural+rights&qid=1631303348&sr=8-1



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