Return of the Idiocracy

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The Virginia Christian Alliance (VCA) has posted many articles concerning; covid, masks, the shots, and lockdowns. School boards have been determining whether students must wear a mask again this year. Some boards supporting, and others saying no. Some have voted for no mask mandate, but then changed their mind for various reasons.

Our governor earlier this month required all executive branch employees and contractors to get the shot or endure weekly PCR testing for the China virus. He also issued a mask mandate for all K-12 school children again this year. Other states have issued shot mandates for all residents or school age children. Virginia will likely join that list with yesterday’s FDA approval of Pfizer’s untested gene therapy drug. None of them are vaccines. They only changed the definition so these new drugs fit the narrative. The only real question in all of this is why?

The Facts Again

Here is, once again, a brief list of China virus facts.

  • No one, including the Center for Disease Control (CDC), has been able to isolate and provide a sample of the virus. Courts in Canada and Japan required a sample be provided, but neither the CDC, FDA, or WHO have complied. They don’t have it. It appears computer simulations were used to create the virus.
  • The CDC has admitted the PCR tests are unable to distinguish between the flu virus and the China virus. This test was used to justify last year’s mandates. These are the same tests that school board’s and governors are still creating public policy on.
  • The number of cycles for the PCR tests were increased beyond test guidelines, resulting in a false positive rate of as much as 97%. The test was implemented in a way to provide support for the mandates.
  • The PCR tests contain EO (Ethylene Oxide). This is a dangerous carcinogen linked to various neurological disorders.
  • The covid survival rate is over 99.9% if you are under 69, and only decreases to about 98.5% for everyone. And effective treatments are available.
  • There were no substantial changes in the number of overall deaths in 2020. About half of the virus related deaths occurred in just five states who housed covid patients in their long-term care facilities. This action put some of the most vulnerable members of our society at risk.
  • The CDC treatment protocol only allowed the use of remdesivir by health providers. Remdesivir has never been approved by the FDA. The trials testing this drug all ended early, because many people receiving it died. The use of this drug by hospitals ensured most of its covid patients would not survive.
  • The science, and common sense, say masks don’t work, and harm the health of those wearing them for extended periods of time. None of them can stop something as small as a virus, and all of them restrict your breathing and compromise your immune system.
  • The spike protein in the shots is the toxin, not the vaccine.[1] In addition, over 99% of the shot ingredients is graphene oxide, an industrial chemical poisonous to humans and also linked to neurological and other disorders.
  • Lockdowns don’t work, but do destroy businesses, lives, and communities.

Safe effective treatments for the virus existed before the outbreak, and were deliberately withheld from the public through public policy. These treatments include hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and budesonide. The above policy actions resulted in the needless deaths of hundreds of thousands in America alone.

The Truth

The people create a government to defend our natural rights and serve the common good. The above actions demonstrate many of our governments are doing neither. Mandates are not laws. Instead they are the edicts of rulers, such as those who proclaim themselves king or queen. Their actions are harming the public and our children. These actions are contrary to their oath to serve.

Is this America? Were we founded on the principle of rule by the few, or does the power rest in the people? I think the answer is obvious. Freedom always has a cost, but the cost when one loses their freedom proves even greater. Our freedom is an inalienable God given right, in the end we will each be accountable to Him for how we’ve used it—and His other gifts as well.

These mandates harm the very people government has sworn an oath to serve; they are immoral, illegitimate, and illegal. Some rise to crimes against humanity. Participants include the shot’s manufacturers, distributors, those administering the shots, the media, and those creating policies forcing compliance. It also includes religious officials supporting the mandates in order to attend services. This not only violates the Constitution, but is a trespass against God’s law itself.

It’s time to take a serious look at those who’re entered positions serving society. This includes those in government, industry, the medical profession, and education. School personnel and boards supporting these mandates should be replaced. Government personnel supporting these mandates should be removed from their office or position; from the local board of supervisors up to the legislature and governor. Their actions are contrary to God’s law.

Some Actions You Can Take

We must ask ourselves; do we follow God or man? If you’ve never known Him, it is never too late to start that journey. If you’ve fallen away, it is never too late to come back. We only receive the benefits from His natural rights when turned toward Him. And if we follow God, then we must act according to His law rather than man’s. We must first know, then do. It’s that simple.

There are actions we can all take. These include;

  • Contacting your sheriff. They are the top local law enforcement official. Ask them if they will uphold their oath or comply with these mandates. They cannot do both as these mandates are inconsistent with that oath.
  • Claim a religious exemption.
  • Serve your child’s school and/or employer with a Notice of Liability.[2]
  • Let your employer fire you if they require receiving the shot. Then file a suit with others. Class action lawsuits are very effective in addressing unlawful behavior.
  • Go to your school board, local government, and other meetings. Many are starting to do that.
  • Yesterday’s Pfizer approval includes inclusion and exclusion categories from the drug’s previous trials.[3] Review them. Links are in the footnotes.
  • Consider home-schooling your children, or creating a school with other parents, church or other relevant organization. Schools are usually provided money based on student enrollment. Moving your child from the public schools provides a message they understand.

Stay strong. Trials are coming, but we are almost there. We’ve almost won. All things truly worthwhile come at a cost, but God provides. Our children and grandchildren are worth it.


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     The inclusions and exemptions are in the bottom half of each page. The studies are available at:


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Dan Wolf is a researcher and analyst; examining complex, abstract topics. His writing’s premise is based on one simple idea. We do not receive the benefits of God’s gifts unless we are turned toward Him. Each generation needs to learn this lesson to pass on what’s important. What are those gifts? Freedom, faith, and grace among others. Our Founders considered education, religion, morality, and virtue to be the cornerstones for any successful society. Success requires an education in both the languages of reason and faith, reason alone is not enough. Unfortunately, our education system today no longer teaches what we need to be successful, so we risk losing our way. But it is not too late. In the end we each have the freedom to choose, and the ability to learn. There are many who have already blazed a trail for us; we only need the will to embrace the challenge and make the effort. Together we will restore the societal foundation that our Founder’s, and many after them, fought and died for. The choice is ours. My goal is to assist you on your way. I can be reached at His site is at: