Henrico County: Lawfare, American Property Rights versus Muslim Supremacy


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(Henrico VA ) The Wright Scoop launches book Lawfare, American Property Rights versus Muslim Supremacy.

Across the Natiolawfarepix2n, battles occur between Islamic entitlement and enforcement of American civil liberties and property rights. One such battle is occurring in exurban Henrico County in central Virginia between legacy American property rights and expansion of the Islamic Center of Richmond (ICR). This battle is not about freedom to worship protected under the First Amendment or federal laws granting exemption waivers from local land zoning laws. It is about abuse of the courts through lawfare to create a Muslim preserve in Central Virginia through force majeure, harassment and intimidation.

Lawfare, American Property Rights versus Muslim Supremacy

As Wright’s book documents, criminal and civil court proceedings have revealed activities by those associated with Henrico County VA and the Islamic Center of Richmond to be more based on a political agenda; then, theology or laws and regulation. As observed by others:

“Protecting religious freedom does not mean permitting people to violate the law in the name of religious freedom. Religious freedom remains freedom to believe, but not a freedom to act in violation of facially neutral laws. For many years people defended racist laws as being required by their religion. But religion should not grant one the right to ignore the law. Jefferson advised us that if a neutral law required action that violated a person’s religious belief that person had to abide by the law. We are a nation of laws after all.” Christopher Peace, delegate Hanover County for VA General Assembly

“Any adverse decision reached by a jury trial is not a victory for freedom of religious practice. Instead, it is a victory for lawfare tactics by local Muslim leadership at the Islamic Center of Richmond who seek to create a Sharia compliant enclave at the cost of local residents in Hoehns Lakeview Farms.” Jerry Gordon

“I challenge you to acquire an understanding:  learn why a peaceful quiet life-style has changed in Sylvia’s beautiful part of an otherwise crazy world,” Shu Bartholomew

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Sylvia Hoehns Wright, the present-day caretaker for her family’s 7th generational property, credits the legacy of a rural Virginia childhood and Quaker lifestyle belief – view self as caretaker, not owner of property as the source of a commitment to protect her family’s generational property.

For details of Wright’s experience, acquire a copy of Lawfare, American Property Rights versus Muslim Supremacy at Sylvia’s publisher or view video Living in Fear  or review GoFundMe – Hoehns Lakeview Farms .

Wright is presently working with Advocacy for Economic Freedom to recover and ensure the stability of her rights. Educate yourself; and make a choice to ‘stand with’, join Wright and her community in an effort to hold governmental leaders accountable. 


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