Linda’s Lessons Learned: Please You Send Three Postcards for Philip?

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Linda Wall

Phillip Zodhiates webAnother Virginian (must read the first here)  under Christian persecution in the Lisa Miller Case is Philip Zodhiates.

I had never met him until last weekend when I had lunch with him and his wife. As I sat across from them in the restaurant, it did not take long to determine these were “real Christians” – those who practice their faith outside of the sanctuary.

For this, Philip has been sentenced to two concurrent 3-year prison sentences. 

Despite the fact that the United States Constitution guarantees the freedom to exercise one’s religion, Philip is facing imprisonment for giving a mom and her daughter a ride from Lynchburg, Virginia to Buffalo, New York.

He is charged with aiding and abetting in international kidnapping for helping a fellow sister in the Lord with a ride. 

We would appreciate your donation.

Philip Zodhiates is presently out on bail awaiting an appeals court hearing on April 9.

A postcard campaign has been launched in an effort to bring this injustice to the attention of President Trump, Vice President Pence and Attorney General Sessions. Will you click on the following link, download and mail the three postcards? Print pages 1 and 2 front to back on cardstock.

This is the beginning of setting the record straight about the violation of Constitutional rights in the lives of Christians in America in the Lisa Miller Case. Those who practice sexual perversion in this country want to make the Lisa Miller Case the equivalent of Roe vs. Wade.

Their goal is to set a precedent for the entire country against Christians who live their faith and obey God and His Word. Pray against the principalities that have America in bondage to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender behaviors. 

Philip Zodhiates is facing legal fees over $350,000. Would you consider a donation toward this debt? Donate here: 

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Linda Wall
Linda Wall For almost forty years Linda has been doing missionary work in Virginia. Her assignments have taken her down many political avenues: the Virginia General Assembly, political campaigns, lobbyist, and candidate for Virginia House of Delegates. Linda was delivered from homosexuality by the power of Jesus Christ over thirty-five years ago. She is presently calling for The Church to stand for righteousness and against sexual perversion in this hour. To be the light and salt Christ commanded us to be.