Best of August10-12, Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium

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Best of August10-12, Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium




Rumble — “You know you’re over the target when you’re getting flak from all sides”. That’s exactly what #MikeLindell and his Cyber Symposium has been getting from the media for the past two days since the event started. But it really heated up today after a forensic audit of a #Dominion server showed evidence of #ElectionFraud and a cover-up.

During the audit today, a judge allowed a lawsuit to go forward against Lindell and various other people and media outlets. Quinky dink? I think not. Dominion Voting Systems has been using “law-fare” to quell questions about the integrity of their voting machines by suing cable TV channels and people who are going public with evidence and/or criticizing the company, even though Dominion has been accused for years of irregularities by both Democrats and Republicans alike.

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The question is: Who’s running America’s elections if not our State legislatures? Is it Dominion, or a cabal of globalists who hired Dominion? You’ll need to see the entire event for all the bombshell facts (Video may be limited because powerful people don’t want this exposed. Three of the Symposium’s 3 servers were hacked in an attempt to shut them down, so video might be rare . . . especially on social media sites like Youtube that censure.

Voting machine company sues cable channel, personalities promoting Arizona audit for $1.6 billion

Trump allies including Giuliani lose bid to dismiss Dominion vote machine lawsuits

* Original source: LIVE at RSBN


Most people are aware that Mike Lindell has ruffled a few feathers. After all, actively questioning the 2020 election results is a serious point of contention. Now with a billion-dollar lawsuit with Dominion and millions lost from big name companies pulling his pillows, Mike Lindell has prepared for battle. Between the release of hot-button documentaries that expose the problems with the results and gathering information, Mike Lindell is ready to begin his showdown. For opposing the results, the Democratic Party and other dissenters have mocked this effort.

Most of all, they’re saying that this data does not exist.  

Cyber Symposium August 2021

The Cyber Symposium was a private event, allowing invitees from different industries to interact and work together for a better future. Despite Biden’s title of the “Great Unifier,” he hasn’t exactly done a great job. And now that tensions are running high, it’s time to get active. During this event, Mike Lindell will be revealing cyber data and packet captures from the 2020 November Election. For our attendees, they have one goal. Find proof that this cyber data is not valid data from the November Election.

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